Principle of rental property painting in Perth

Understand the best ways to paint your rental property – with advice from the painters in Perth

For successful owners, the advantages of painting their rental properties are bountiful. Not only will they guarantee they appeal to as multiple potential high-quality residents as possible, but it is a reasonable way of keeping your property in the most appropriate possible state over a long time. 

Unfortunately, painting a rental property can be more problematic than it first appears. The good news is that you can get some competent advice and suggestions on making this task as successful as possible below.

Select the proper shades 

While your personal preference may run to brilliant and aggressive tones, neutral colors are most suitable when painting the rental property because you want your property to demand as many potential renters as possible. It won’t do something if you inject too much personality into the ornamentation. To that end, opting for off whites, tans, and greys is always a much more acceptable choice than bright hues, bold patterns, or pinks.

Choose the proper kind of paint. 

Not all colors are created equal, specifically when it comes to the option you should make as an owner. Indeed, some kinds of paint like semi-gloss are a much more promising investment in a rental property because they are more comfortable to clean.

It means any dirt or scuff marks that accumulate as tenants move in or out can effortlessly be wiped away, something that can save you from requiring repainting at every tenant change. 

Before you paint-ready 

Most people are so concerned about bringing the walls painted that they overlook a vital stage in preparation. Your preparation should involve utilizing drop cloths to protect furniture that cannot move and the floor and taping off the places where you don’t want the color to go. 

A transparent process must be followed here, which involves first painting the edges in a room. Then only once they have dried, moving on to painting the room walls. 

Sponsor in the right tools 

It’s hard to do a satisfactory job painting a rental home if you don’t have the suitable tools for your removal. You may require more than a brush or two to be successful here too. 

In particular, rollers can be helpful as they allow you to paint more extensive areas more quickly and deliver an even finish. 

Paint sprayers are better as they can produce short work of a usually high-effort painting job. However, they are most appropriate for owners with a whole home to paint quickly because of their cost. 

Can the color of your paint influence your mood?

If you’re continually worried in your home or are undergoing hardship falling asleep in your room, then there is uplifting news. It may not be you! Think about how specific shades make you feel, how they can affect any emotion, from tranquility to anger.

Remember, each color has psychological value. To make your harmony, pick colors carefully, as some colors may have a sinful impact. Suitable color options can increase your mental wellbeing.


In an entrance, colorful and glossy colors make a solid first appearance. These days it’s pretty common to describe your lifestyle and spice up your life. 

 If you require an informal entrance that is also classic, utilize neutral greys and whites. Dulux paint suggests a significant range when it comes to classic Australian looks.  


In these uncertain times, where we consume more time than ever at home, it’s essential to concentrate on yourself and bring time to unwind: A dusty rose boudoir is both comfortable and romantic. A classic would be darker navy and grey. Just Scandinavian pallets have begun to gather up in the Australian trend.

Living Room

To keep the peace: Brush on a delicate and refined navy blue. A new trend is a mixture of traditional white hues and earthy greens that are smooth in colors but make a design look. It invites a genuine aesthetic to your house.


As the kitchen is the central hub of activity in a home, it must match the rest of the design. For example, if you opt for earthy colors in your living room, it’s recommended that you add more tonal differences in the kitchen to support connecting spaces. You would be surprised how much distinction it can create. 

If you are insecure about what might be most suitable for your home, you can always contact us for a color consultation, and we can order samples to test in your environment. Industrial Painters Perth has experience with all properties, beginning from residential apartments to luxury mansions. We are a fully licensed and trusted painting contractor in Perth.  

Finding painters in Perth

Of course, if your time as an owner is too adorable to spend painting your properties, you can always call in some help from the professionals instead. 

After all, here at Painters in Perth, we deliver commercial and residential painting services from professional and talented professionals. Also, unlike other painters in Perth, we only utilize the best products and always totally prep before a job.

If you are looking for residential or commercial best painters Perth in Perth, you should give us a call on 0405 555 161 today. 

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