Ray Mirra Biography by Michael Brooks

Ray Mirra is a professional wrestling wrestler that is well known to the world. He is from the town of Arlington, Virginia. Raymond Mirra was a professional football player as a tight end for the Washington Bullets as well as a defensive tackle for the University of Virginia. He then began a career in wrestling and quickly became known as a top wrestler.

He also is a professional body builder and now has two children that are his pride and joy. Ray has worked hard to be the top wrestler in the world and has held various titles throughout his career. This man has given us many moments of great athleticism and a very entertaining personality as he enters into the Hall of Fame one day.

Many people have worked extremely hard to make it into the hall of fame and Ray Mirra fits that bill. He is well known as a wrestler that is both on the big stage as well as off the big stage. The Ray Mirra Biography tells the story of a wrestling athlete who has given the world many memorable moments.

Original Series

His wrestling career began when he was in high school. He was a wrestler for the city of Arlington for quite some time and then was recruited by the University of Virginia as a tight end. He also had smaller ventures in freestyle wrestling as a defensive tackle at Virginia as well as in a street fight club. He finally settled down in Virginia Beach and has had two children.

Ray did not start wrestling until he was in college and was always a first time participant. He did not participate in college wrestling until he was a sophomore in college though. He did not compete at all in his first two years. However, he did wrestle in high school for a little bit as a defensive tackle.

Ray has also had some minor roles in films including Miami Vice and Judge Dredd. In Judge Dredd, he plays the character of Dredd who is the Arbiter who tries to enforce the laws of the land in the movie. Ray has also worked on some television shows such as Star Trek: The Original Series as well as King of the Hill. All of this is great work for a wrestler who is so well known and loved by so many wrestling fans.

Truly Makes Him Happy

The author of the Ray Mirra biography, Michael Brooks, did a great job in telling the full story of this talented man. He is an impressive writer with a wide range of talents. As a wrestler, he was a force to be reckoned with. He had two children, as well as a lengthy stint in the movie industry. Ray has also been active in politics most notably as Vice President of the United States.

This is a really nice touch from the Ray Mirra biographer. While it is always nice to get a behind the scenes look into the mind of a person such as this, especially one as famous as Ray, it is also nice to have the personal side revealed as well. This will show you how much effort Ray puts into his wrestling career and how he truly loves it. It is a great read because you get to know a little bit about the man behind the wrestling persona. You learn why he does the things he does and you get to see what truly makes him happy.

The author of the Ray mirra biography, Michael Brooks, did an amazing job in putting this memoir together. He researched Ray mirra’s life thoroughly and even interviewed several wrestlers who knew Ray mirra when they were in the business. The book is definitely a must have for wrestling fans and those who have never heard of Ray mirra. I think it is a very entertaining read and will definitely make you think.

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