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Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Useful Information about Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Before going into the detail information of remote desktop connection manager, it is significant to understand what it means. What is the purpose of using RDCMan, In what ways it can help you, and much more? It is an incredible tool that helps users control multiple desktops remotely. The use of remote desktop connection managers helps build a connection between client devices and host devices. After building a successful connection, the user will be able to access the client’s machine from the host machine, sitting in a remote location. You can make use of this function by connecting to the Remote Desktop Protocol. Mostly administrators and IT experts use this tool for easy access. However, there are many students, teachers, and many others who also use it at a lower level. For the first time, the remote desktop protocol was invented by Microsoft for the purpose to make access to clients’ devices easy for the host device. The RDP provides a lightweight and user-friendly interface. It makes use of two input devices, which include a mouse and a keyboard. Now in the market, various remote desktop connection manager is available for easy access.

Ways to use remote desktop managers:

  • Using the top-level configurations the admin can make use of RDCMan to connect to a group of people within the organization. Only the group admins are able to import servers through the text file. In the native RDP session, the connection option includes all that the admin can define using the two-pane interface.
  • It is said that RDCMan is only beneficial for connection having RDP. The reason behind this is that these are most suitable for Windows deployment for administrators.
  • RDCMan can be helpful for people of different field that includes tester, administrators, and lab attendants. It is also used by people and offices that require regular access to multiple computers like data centers, server farms, check-in systems, and much more. It is helpful in places where it is crucial to access each machine.

Pro users can use windows 10 to give access to the systems in the following steps:

  • Click to open the file explorer.
  • Right-click on your mouse, pointing at this PC.
  • Select the Remote settings from the properties option.
  • To allow access, click on the option allow remote connection.
  • Search the option Allow connection from remote desktops having network-level authentication.

Features of Report desktop connection manager:

Following are the features of RDCMan:

  • RDCMan consists of a database that facilitates users by saving it’s login details, automatic login every time you enter, and similar facilities. It also contains Terminal Services and RDP.
  • It supports many VPN including the Cisco VPN, Microsoft virtual private network, and much more.
  • Support of Connect to console for the virtual machine is provided.
  • From the configuration file of the application, the user can change the size according to it’s convenient.
  • The admin of the tool can add different features to the users that include MySQL, Javascript, Java Web star, and many similar tools.
  • Credential encryption is provided with certificates.

What makes the managing of two panes at the same time difficult:

The interface of RDCMan is clean and easy but the managing and seeing of the two panes at the same time become difficult because of the presence of description of connection and server name on the same line.

Names of popular top 5 Remote desktop connection manager for use :

  • RDCMan
  • mRemoteNG
  • RoyalTS
  • Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager
  • DameWare Mini Remote Control

These are the top 5 RDCMan that are best to use for office, It Teams, and system administrators.

Pros of using Remote desktop connection manager on windows:

  • RDCMan is a built-in function in the window. It runs on windows with the help of the Remote Desktop Protocol. The advantage is that it’s totally free for window users. If you are a window user you don’t need any third party RDCMan for accessing the client’s devices.
  • Using RDCMan on windows is very simple. By default, it is disabled in the computer operating system. But you can easily turn it on in simple steps. The windows home edition lacks this facility.

Cons of using Remote desktop connection manager on windows:

  • If you want to use it after office then setting it up is a little difficult. The first thing you need to do to approve the incoming network connection is to configure the remote network. You will need some technical information that includes servers IP address and machines login credentials.
  • The RDCMan on windows is of no use if you want to share it with your friend, family, or clients that are using a Home version of the window. They will not be able to connect. So choosing it for this purpose will be a bad choice.
  • It does not allow you to reconnect to the previously connected device automatically. Whereas third party RDCMan can easily do it in simple clicks. In this tool, you need to do it every time you need to connect from your end.
  • One of the major problems of Windows RDCMan is that it locks the screen of the other  person. The other person is not able to see what’s happening. It also lacks the whiteboard facility that don’t let you  explain anything to the client. So it is a hurdle in the way of communication between the people.
  • At the same time, the windows RDCMan does not allow  multiple connections. It can not handle multiple connections of different network settings at the same time.

Final words:

Remote desktop connection managers are a need of many fields. The major field that requires it is teams in the IT department, system administrators of a company, and many similar fields. These tools can help you in multiple ways as defined above. These best tools are available both in the free and paid version. You can choose the one that best suits your budget and requirements. Before choosing one for your team or company, go through its advantages and disadvantages.

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