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A DIY Tutorial to Remove Watermark from Locked PDF

When it comes to sharing documents online, PDFs are most preferred. But sometimes, users find a PDF with a watermark on it. This can be a problem, especially if the PDF is locked, meaning you can’t change it. Luckily, there are ways to remove watermark from locked PDF. Here we are going to learn how to remove draft watermark from PDF or any other type of text.

Watermarks are those symbols or text that are often added to show who made the document or to protect it. They can be annoying and make the document harder to read. By using special software or tools online, you can remove those special marks and make the PDF yours to use however you want.

Methods to Remove Watermark from Locked PDF

Right now three best and quickest solutions can be considered to remove watermark from protected PDF i.e.

  1. Expert-Suggested Professional Solution
  2. Adobe Acrobat Pro
  3. Microsoft Word

With these three techniques, one can easily proceed with the removal task.  But, if you execute the task manually you have to face some hassles which we will discuss further. Apart from this, let’s start our discussion with the automated solution.

#Approach 1. Smart Solution

Want to remove the watermark from numerous secured PDFs simultaneously? Need to ensure the data integrity and formatting through the task? Look no further! Opt for FreeViewer Text Watermark Remover solution and initiate the deleting procedure hassle-free. This utility provides you the various features like:

  1. After downloading it, users do not need any other program including Adobe Acrobat to remove watermark from protected PDF.
  2. With this, one can erase the watermark from a locked PDF without permission password.
  3. It can remove special marks even from user-level protected PDFs.
  4. Users can run this software on any Windows OS.

Note: If you have multiple locked or restricted PDFs then it is suggested to consider PDF Unlocker to unlock the files concurrently.

Working Guidelines to Remove Watermark from Locked PDF

Step 1. Open the solution, and insert PDFs with the Add File or Add Folder option.

Step 2. When prompted, enter the required credentials.

Step 3. Click on the Change button>Choose whether to Save or Print PDF files.

Step 4. Lastly, start the process by hitting on “Remove” button.

#Approach 2. Remove Watermark from Protected PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

All know that PDF format was made by Adobe Acrobat, and for formatting or modifying the PDF, it provides one solution i.e. Adobe Acrobat Pro. This solution is free only for seven days, after that, you have to pay for this which is quite costly. But, those who already bought this can follow the below instructions, and the rest of them can use the specified smart solution to remove watermark from locked PDF:

Step 1. Unlock the PDFs

  1. Run the solution and upload the PDF>File menu>Properties.
  2. In the document dialog tab, click on Security>No Security>Enter Permission Password>OK.
  3. Click Ctrl+S or select the save option.

Step 2. Clear the Watermarks

  1. Click on the Tools option>Pages.
  2. In the edit design section>Select the watermark.
  3. From the dropdown menu, Click on the Remove button>OK.
  4. Hit on the Save button or Ctrl+S to store the files.

#Approach 3. Remove Watermark from Locked PDF Via Microsoft Word

This is a trick to remove watermark from one PDF at a time, which means one can use this approach only when they have data in a small amount. Otherwise, it can be a time-consuming procedure for large volumes of information.

Here are the stepwise guidelines to proceed with the task:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Word application on your computer.
  2. Start a new blank document.
  3. Navigate to Insert > Object.
  4. Choose Document and click OK.
  5. Enter the password if required.
  6. Double-click the inserted PDF object.
  7. Go to File > Save As > PDF.
  8. Open the new PDF to verify changes.

Bring it All Together

In the above guide, we discussed the efficient and hassle-free solutions to remove watermark from locked PDF. First, we learned about one out-of-the-box automated solution, which is self-sufficient to remove watermark from protected PDF concurrently. After that, we covered two manual approaches, but they were not up to the mark & lengthy. So, opt for any of them that suits you best and initiate the procedure smoothly.