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What Is Special Between Residential and Commercial Snow Plowing?

Hiring a commercial snow removal contractor could save you from much spending and stress. With this statement alone, one might wonder what the difference is between residential and commercial snow plowing. Selecting the right snow removal has its rewards. An average client should care about the type of snow removal service hired and their differences. We will share more about the difference between commercial and residential snow services.

Know the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Snow Plowing 

Most snow removal companies started small, both residential and commercial snow plowing. They both render snow plowing services to anyone willing to hire them. When these snow removal services get to a stage, they might discover that they have two snow removal operations that run simultaneously. There may be different kinds of route management, training, processes, policies, and equipment. The model of how residential and commercial snow services run their business is different. 

  • Residential Snow Service Process: With residential service, one or two persons might take care of a residential property in a single snow event.
  • Commercial Snow Service Process: A commercial snow removal service might need a dozen team members to take care of a single property for the same snow event.

As a growing snow removal company, you do not need to serve your customers best, trying to be all things to them. This is because what it takes to clear a residential is quite different from what it takes to clear a large commercial property. Instead of going to and forth, it is important to stick to the line you can serve best; run as a residential or commercial snow service provider

What Is Unique About Residential Snow Removal Service

Proximity is the name of the game for residential snow plowing. To keep service costs minimal, customers need to be close together. This is because removing time and distance between snow jobs helps keep people and equipment moving snow. In residential snow removal, snow can be cleared off in a couple of minutes. Contractors are only paid to move the snow. So, driving between jobs is a waste of money a time in this case. Residential snow servicepersons use a plow attached to a small pick-up, which can be done as quickly as possible. Residential customers do not pay much attention to liability.

In addition, in residential snow service, there is little risk exposure to the homeowner. This is because there are fewer people on the property. Therefore, even if someone slips and falls, there are low chances of getting a lawsuit. Residential customers can still reach out to their snow service provider if there are any traces of snow on their property. And when the driveway is neat, homeowners do their normal activities without complaint.


Before deciding what kind of snow removal service to hire, you must know what job you want them to do. Both residential and commercial snow plowing companies can give quality service. But their line of services varies. If you want clear snow from a very wide property, then going for the commercial snow service could be of great assistance.