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Roof Leak Repair: Vital Questions Homeowners Ask About Roof Leaks

Today, on the internet, there are viral questions about roof repairs. However, homeowners should know that when it comes to roof leak repair, certain questions should be asked. This blog will give adequate answers to some of the common essential questions. These answers would serve as an insight for homeowners who are confused about what to do when they experience a roof leak.

What Questions Should I Asked Ask About My Roof Leak Repair?

Here are a few listed questions and answers every homeowner would like to know about their roof leak repair. 

1. How can I locate the exact leak spot on my roof?

Leaks are difficult to trace because water prefers to take the path of the least resistance. Only a professional can easily trace a leak. However, if you want to try finding it yourself, you may climb into your attic or crawl space with a flashlight when it rains. This will give you a head start. You will surely find them out. But remember that you cannot be as professional in finding it as an experienced leak roof repairer. 

2. I just installed new roofing shingles. Why is my roof still leaking?

The answer to the question above is straightforward. Several things could have gone wrong with the installation process. The flashing could be a prime suspect for the leak. It could be water pooling around the nails, improper caulking, wrong use of sealant, or water around seams. Other alternative cause could be missing shingles, misplaced seams or nail not properly countersunk. 

3. Is it hard to repair a leaking roof?

First, repairing a roof is not something you are advised to do alone if you are not experienced. It needs to be done by a qualified and licensed roofer with proper installation and repair tools. Only then can the repair be much easier to get fixed.

4. How long is my roofing supposed to last before leaking?

According to experts, the average life expectancy of a roof is about 15 to 25 years. With due maintenance, it may stay longer than that. No matter how old or new your roof is, with proper and regular maintenance, you may not have an issue with leaks. However, poor maintenance only leads to unnecessary and sudden leaks. 

5. What is causing my roof to deteriorate?

So many reasons cause roof deterioration and aging. With time, asphalt roofs will surely lose their granules. It should be noted that dark-colored roofs tend to wear out faster because they absorb more ultraviolet light and heat, which leads to oxidation. In addition, the protective coatings on shingles can be removed by hailstones. This event could damage the flashings or nails, causing other roof parts to deteriorate. Eventually, roof deterioration could lead to leaks.

6. Will insurance ever pay for my roof repair?

If a qualified and insured roofing contractor correctly did your repair, your insurance company would reimburse you for the repair costs. However, it may not necessarily be the whole amount spent on repair. Standard home insurance policies cover damages from hail; so far, there are no pre-existing issues with leaks. Note that your insurance will want the repairs done before they reimburse you. An inspection of the property by your insurance adjuster may be carried out if the damage is severe.


These questions listed above and many more are questions asked by homeowners about roof leak repair. Delayed roof leak repair could lead to extended issues. If you do not understand any issue related to your roofing, it is wise to ask an expert local roofer. Only a qualified and insured roofer can securely fix all of your roof issues and provide you with reliable and durable solutions.