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Legal Steps to Take When Lawn and Landscaping Pros Damage Your Property

Sometimes you might not be at home to monitor the landscaping company you invited to work on your property. What would you do when you realize that the lawn and landscaping pros damage your property? This could get most homeowners angry, seeing their property gets damaged. Fine. Getting angry will not resolve the issue. Then, what is/are the right step(s) to take in this situation for a peaceful resolution?

Proper Steps to Take When Lawn and Landscaping Pros Damage Your Property

Before now, you must have checked that none of the lawn and landscaping pro team got injured. The next thing is finding a solution to the damage to your property. Here are your possible options for compensation. These options will guide you to reduce your financial responsibility. Liability rules might favor the homeowner if the damage happens accidentally. 

Is Insurance Going to Pay for Damage?

What comes to your mind first immediately you notice the damage is “who will be responsible for this damage?”

The party responsible for the damage repair depends on what caused the damage and the availability of homeowner’s insurance. If a lawn and landscaping contractor damages your property, it is most likely your insurance will pay for it. However, if you have accident coverage on your property, you don’t have to worry about who bears the responsibility. Homeowners’ insurance policy may cover repair costs in times of fires, flooding or other issues only if the accident coverage is active. After your insurance must have paid for the repair cost, they will request reimbursement from the contractor’s insurance company to cover the cost of repair.

Hire A Lawn and Landscaping Company with Insurance

Consider hiring a contractor willing to verify their insurance coverage before starting work on your property. Working with an uninsured landscaper could create disaster when there is accidental damage to your property. However, the contractor’s insurance may not cover all damages and mistakes done by the contractor. Also, homeowners’ insurance may limit accidental coverage for some property owners. The coverage may not hold if the damage was caused by poor workmanship. 

Can Landscapers Insurance Policy Pay for Damage Repairs?

What would you do when your homeowners’ insurance refuses to pay for your repairs and denies your claim? At this point, you would need to get compensation from your contractor’s liability insurance. Genuine landscaping companies have contractor liability insurance to pay for accidents, damages and injuries caused at work sites. Some contractors go the extra mile to get faulty workmanship coverage to cover damages incurred from poor workmanship.

Expert Recommended Line of Actions When Landscaper Pro Damages Your Property

As soon as you see the damages caused to your property by the contractor you have hired, take pictures to get evidence. This will be of good assistance when you file your claim with your contractor’s insurance provider or your homeowners’ insurance company. Then get an explanation from the contractor. Know what caused the damage and the compensation plan. Call your homeowners’ insurance provider and explain what happened. They will check your policy to see what coverage they have to provide you with solutions. Ask your contractor’s insurance company if there is no coverage on your homeowner’s insurance. They may be able to pay for the cost of repairs under your contractor’s insurance. 


When lawn and landscaping pros damage your property, there are specific steps to resolve the issue. However, it is not always as easy as said. But then, you can check on your homeowners’ insurance policy or contractor’s insurance to get possible compensation. Do not forget to make sure your evidence is concrete so your claim cannot be easily denied.