School Cleaning

Schools are one of the public spaces that receive the greatest influx of people per day. It is a place where, day by day, hundreds of students and teachers coexist. For this reason, it is advisable to have the maximum hygiene and disinfection measures in all your rooms, for safety and because the law requires it. Here is a professional guide to cleaning schools.

Guide for cleaning a school

The protocol for cleaning and disinfection services (elimination of germs and mites) for this type of space consists of:


Before starting the cleaning work, the environment will be ventilated to eliminate the presence of viruses and guarantee a clean and renewed air. This should be done in all rooms that have doors and windows, especially in classrooms, offices and corridors.

In-depth cleaning of classrooms

In these cases, it will be necessary to use disinfectant for tables, chairs, shelves and the teacher’s desk. In the case of kindergartens or schools of the preschool stage, it will also be necessary to disinfect toys. Subsequently, the floor must be swept and mopped. All of this should be done very frequently and, if possible, on a daily basis.

Computer classrooms

This type of classroom has the peculiarity that most of the products that are useful for disinfection tend to be harmful to electronic devices. Therefore, any cleaning task must be carried out very delicately and carefully, using specific products.

Bathrooms and changing rooms

The main problem related to this type of stay is the lack of toilet paper or gels. Therefore, the cleaning task must be complemented with the constant replacement of these basic products. In turn, it is essential to disinfect the sink, urinals and sinks, without forgetting the knobs.

Dust removal

Dust is not only synonymous with dirt; it can also cause respiratory problems in children. For this reason, microfiber cloths should be used for cleaning tables, but also for the books that are on the shelves, heating devices, walls and baseboards.

Waste disposal

From chewing gum to the wrapper of a packet of potatoes, a wide variety of waste is deposited in schools. Therefore, garbage bags should be removed every day (if possible, several times), as well as checking that there are no remains of any kind on the floor. Similarly, special attention will be paid to the gym bleachers.

Non-daily use spaces

This type of room does not receive visitors every day, but is only for occasional use. In this sense, we find basements, archives or specialized classrooms (audiovisual, kitchen, laboratory, etc.). Here, cleaning must be carried out followed by disinfection of all the material, at least twice a month.

Annual cleaning

Once a year, we must carry out a deep cleaning that, due to its duration and size, cannot be carried out during the school period. Therefore, the holiday seasons (December-January and summer) are taken advantage of. Hard-to-reach windows, blinds and the underside of all the furniture will then be cleaned.

Specialty Products

It is essential to use mild products, as not all students have the same sensitivity to chemicals. In this regard, it is advisable to use effective detergents and disinfectants, but not too aggressive. If we need to use one with a higher concentration of chemicals, the room will be ventilated.In short, the cleaning of schools is essential to guarantee the health of the entire educational community. At Eco Fms we work diligently and professionally to create healthy and productive spaces, adapting to the most demanding cleaning strategies.

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