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Tips for a comfortable and safe trip in summer

In summer there are many trips by car. This year, in addition, the coronavirus pandemic will cause many to opt for private vehicles from Auto for Trade rather than public transport to reach their vacation destinations on trips that are usually long. Before hitting the road, it should be borne in mind that summer is a particularly hard season for the car, with high temperatures as a rule, with the possibility of retentions and also with longer trips than usual. While in my opinion the best car for a road trip is the 2015 Land Rover Discovery SdV6 for a comfortable trip.

From Northgate Renting Flexible they have prepared a list of tips to have a good trip and guarantee their own safety and that of other road users.


First of all, you should be sure that the vehicle with which you are going to travel is in perfect condition. It is vital to check the oil level and proceed to fill it or change it if necessary. It should be remembered that a vehicle with a low oil level is at serious risk of failure. Once the oil is at an optimal level, check the condition of the brakes and brake fluid. This step is very important because as the temperature rises the brakes lose efficiency. Finally, check the air conditioning system and top up the gas if necessary. It will be the best option to keep the car at a good temperature. If possible, going through the trusted workshop for a review is the most recommended.

Once with the vehicle ready, it is time to plan the trip. Whenever possible, avoid the central hours of the day, the hottest. Driving in excess heat is not only dangerous for the car, but it is also dangerous for the driver, since driving at more than 35 degrees reacts 20% slower than at 25 degrees , which is equivalent to driving with a rate of Breathalyzer of 0.5 grams per liter of blood. To combat the heat, it is best to drink water constantly, but keep in mind that to do so you must stop walking, so it may be a good time to rest for a few minutes and stretch your legs. During the journey, the driver must check the engine temperature. In case of overheating, it is advisable to turn off the air conditioning to cool it down or stop driving if the problem persists.

Once at the destination, the ideal would be to find a covered parking, such as a garage, to protect the vehicle. If this is not possible, you will have to find a shade to avoid the direct impact of the sun on the car. Too much heat can lead to mechanical or electronic failure. In case of not finding a shade, the driver can choose to fully cover the vehicle to protect it from the weather and protection from air pollution.

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