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8 Technological Innovations to Add to Your Luxury Home

A luxury estate is a worthwhile investment to make, as the value of the property can increase over time. The property’s actual value can go potentially higher if the interior of the property matches the exuberance of the exterior.

For instance, getting a beautiful Kenneth Cobonpue piece can jazz up space by leaps and bounds. Or, homeowners can do more with their luxury units.

Turning property interiors into a perfect smart home environment is the next logical step in making a condo or other types of residential units livable and more valuable.

This piece will be listing 8 smart gadgets that can transform a spacious house into a futuristic palace that addresses every dweller’s needs and wants through voice command or with the press of a button.

While you don’t necessarily have to buy everything listed here, it’s hard to argue against how all of them can contribute to a nice smart home ecosystem, which could very well be the talk of the town a few years down the line.

Smart Speakers

There’s no better place to start than the central hub of your smart home. Getting a smart speaker with a built-in virtual assistant can tie in your smart home infrastructure altogether. The speaker can serve as the liaison between different smart devices and make sure they’re doing their work properly.

Currently, Apple, Amazon, and Google have the best smart speakers on the market. Whichever of the three you will choose will be up to your personal preferences. If your household predominantly uses Apple products, then it might be in your best interests to get the same line of smart speakers.

Smart Lighting Systems

One of the first things you can attach to your smart speakers is your lighting system. While it is not the most intricate of home automation devices you can get out there, the fact that you can change the way your room looks and feels by merely issuing voice commands is already impressive.

Everything in the system can be automated, from the light bulbs to the very switches. You can also customize your lighting to perform specific tasks by mentioning select keywords. This is definitely helpful in making your home office space more productive and clean. 

Smart HVAC Devices

When you ask people about their ideal AC temperatures, they will mention different values. However, having to manually adjust your thermostat to match your ideal temp can be a task that you don’t want to stand up to do.

Most smart HVAC systems already come with dynamic temperature and humidity control so that the atmosphere inside your home is welcoming and inviting. After all, the last thing you want to experience at home is the uncomfortable humidity and heat.

Smart Locks and Security Systems

Home security is a non-negotiable component in every homeowner’s life, so you shouldn’t take it lightly. While your condo’s security team is already doing a wonderful job in keeping your community safe, making extra steps in ensuring your safety is never a bad move.

Get a proper security system to ensure that your property is protected even when you’re not around. Most security locks and cameras can be accessed from your mobile devices, so you can be alerted when unwanted elements are trying to get inside your home.

Smart TVs

One of the gadgets that will be used more often in your home is the TV. While the way you use it may have changed with the rise of streaming services, it’s not a stretch to say that this device will continue to be one of the most in-demand devices in your home. Investing in a decent smart TV is a good move for your home entertainment needs.

There are plenty of reasons why getting a smart TV is ideal for your home, one of which is the ease that you can use it alongside your smartphone. Make your living room a nice spot to entertain guests when you get a smart TV for your home.

Smart Body Analyzer

A smart home shouldn’t only help you lead a comfortable home life; it should also keep your body in great shape. If you’re looking for a device that can become your reliable partner in fitness, you should consider adding a smart body analyzer into your home.

It looks like any other weighing scale at first glance, but it offers a lot more than that. This device can measure your body fat, your heart rate, and the air quality in the room. It can give you a detailed picture of your health that will hopefully convince you to maintain a better lifestyle.

Smart Doorbells

Your doorbells are usually the last thing in your home you’d want to secure, but some of the latest smart home devices that can provide you with peace of mind come in the form of an unassuming doorbell.

There are now plenty of smart doorbells in the market that can provide you with a means to interact with people at your front door without ever having to be physically present at your doorstep. These devices come with cameras, speakers, and mics to facilitate conversation between you and the visitor.

Smart Refrigerators

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home, but a clunky space filled with various items and trinkets is far from ideal. Make sure you have enough counter space to whip up delicious meals with a smart refrigerator.

These new refrigerators can function as a calendar and a notepad that keeps track of what you have stocked inside. Most smart refs are connected to the internet and use RFID technology to keep track of what they have inside.

Transform Your Home with Smart Devices

Property investment doesn’t only mean buying the best condo units in the most impressive neighborhoods in the country. Turning your home into a futuristic paradise where you and your loved ones can live in comfort and style is also part of the process.

The items listed in this article are only some of the devices that can transform your unit into an ultra-modern haven. More devices can make your home life more convenient, creative, and innovative.