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6 things you need to know before expanding your home 

In the 21st era, the need for bigger and better is in demand. There has been a significant evolution of lifestyles today. More space requirements and better amenities are key requirements for every homeowner today. To fulfil these demands, home expansion has been a trending solution at present. Expanding your home allows for more family space, and it can increase the value of your property exponentially. Many homeowners renovate their homes to expand the same and increase their value.

However, expanding the house area requires some key factors to be considered before making a decision. Extending the house not only adds value to the property but also adds to the space taken up by the property. Dealing with the formalities, suggesting designs and showing the expected results before execution, Supa Group ensures that all the relevant factors are taken care of from the start. Discussed below are some things that will help you to get your home expansion right.

All you need to know before expanding your home

The idea to extend the house sounds amazing but at the same time, it is important to ask if it is feasible. Before taking the first step towards renovation, the following are the points which should be considered in order to easily expand the house.

  1. Where do I start?

Extending the house can be a tricky affair and hence, having confusion about where to start can be a problem. To begin with, it is important to choose the side which has to extend. In order to do the job right, one should contact the right person and tell them the specific expectations that you are looking for. Setting clear goals and ideas before rebuilding will help in an effective construction home expansion.

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  • Do I require planning permission?

Gaining planning approval is a significant stage in the procedure of scheduling an extension. Without an authorized permit to plan an extension, you could land in trouble and eventual delay in the initial stage. Several agencies offer guidance in this part and also aid to carry out the formalities smoothly. It ensures a speedy beginning of the first stage.

  • Who am I building for?

The most important question that arises before construction is the requirement of the client. For whom is the extended part being made should be known during the planning stage. is it for children or a guest room area or for fostering the open space requirements. It helps in planning the right structure and construction to suit the needs based on the user.

Is there sufficient space to accommodate the new building renovation?

When we think of renovating the house several outlooks need to be thought of. For example, is there sufficient space for a new building renovation? Without knowing this part, the planning stage could never proceed to the execution part.

  • Up, Down or Out to the side?

Expansion of the building requires planning for the structural strength and load-bearing capacities. For this, knowledge about the area towards which the expansion is needed has to be known. 

  • Will my plan Impact my neighbours?

Before the construction starts, one should consider the neighbourhood setting and area. Keeping in mind the rules and regulations, ensuring that the expansion doesn’t hinder any neighbour, the next step should be taken. Remember to inform the neighbours regarding the change to avoid any midway hassles.


Expanding the constructed house can only be possible when you have the required space available for it. Also, it must be carried out under the right set of guiding principles. The legal restrictions have to be kept in mind during the planning stage. House expansion is an activity of high investment and so must be checked thoroughly before execution to avoid any abrupt changes.