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  1. Paris may not come off as a kid friendly city at first glance, maybe if you look deeper you’d know that there’s a handful one can do with their family. Now i know pars is best explored by foot or by metros and it surely will be challenging with kids around. But trust me there is more to Paris than what beats the eye, do take notes on the things that can be done to keep your kids occupied and ensure that your entire family has a great time there too.
  1. Kids will surely love to spend all their time in theme parks, which calls for a full 2 day trip if you would want to cover both the parks. The best part is there are a lot of things offered on-site like the golf course, Disney Village, and Davy Crockett Ranch camping making it very interesting and happening for both the adults and kids. Adding to this, there are a lot of hotels there if you would want to avoid the travel as it is quite far away from the paris city, which would take about 30 minutes by metro.
  1. Parasians parks are very much known for their impeccably-groomed lawns and flora, one of such parks that you can take a stroll on is the Luxembourg Gardens. watch a puppet theatre show, play with toy sailboats or take up a typical paris tour for exploring the gardens. You could also explore many such parks in Paris, one more very nice way to enjoy mentally-stimulating new playgrounds is at Les Halles and giddy at Parc Monceau.
  1. If your kids love to understand Hunting and Nature, voila! Visiting the hunting and nature museum that was renovated in 2007,  france is known for learning the relationship between humans and nature through the sport of hunting. There are many rooms dedicated to different things, you can find a room filled with mythology of unicorns, adding fairy-tale fun. On the other hand there is also a  space filled with an eccentric collection of taxidermy and antique weaponry.
  1. Ever felt like catching a break, Especially with kids around? Your prayers have been answered, hehe. Take the sunset 1-hour seine cruise that starts from the eiffel tower, they have on-board commentary and the fact that it lasts for only 60 minutes it’s perfectly capable of keeping the attention of children intact whilst you enjoy a nice glass of champagne.
  1. Pretty close to Eiffel Tower sits the L’Aquarium de Paris home to more than 9,000 fishes and 26 sharks inside four million liters of water. Fun fact:they have the largest tank in France!
  2. This aquarium is full of life and also hosts a lot of hands-on workshops, live showers for both parents and adults and a learning opportunity during a short time.
  1. Food and kids can never go wrong, one more easy yet fun way to keep them busy is to take them on along to a nice paris food tour with a local tour or you could pre book a tour when you are planning your paris tour packages. If there is one thing Paris is famous for, it’s definitely the variety of food. From pastries and chocolates to the traditional baguettes, most kids will always love food.
  1. Pet cats at this adorable haven for felines called the Cafe des Chats which was opened in the year 2013, perfect place to catch a little break and munch on something light while you are doing a long day of tours. Do watchout for the rules inside this cafe, they are pretty strict about following them.
  1.  Le Centquatre- here is a huge communal art space and recreation center that hosts a lot of indoor and outdoor events like exhibits on fine arts & painting, design, fashion, film, literature, and more while parents can sit back and relax in the colourful lounge area.
  1. Founded as a public zoo after the french revolution, The Menagerie is home to a lot of small medium-sized animals that are threatened to extinction, not like your typical large zoo. The cages will surely be outdated but the kids will have a great experience spotting various species of animals under a small roof which will also be very budget friendly.
  1. Built back in the 19th century this 49-acre amusement park and garden hosts a range of activities. an archery range, zoo animals, a puppet theater, a miniature golf course, shooting galleries, La Prévention Routière, and a miniature train and railway operated by the Paris police. Sigh, if that seems too much for you take a walk through the grassy gardens.
  1. One of Europe’s oldest wax museums built in 1882  Musée Grevin is known for the largest amount of wax figures- 3000. Head down there and spot all the famous personalities like Marylin Monroe, the former french president and Leonardo da Vinci brought to life by taking a Kids Discovery Tour and unveil the process of it.

Little did I know that Paris for kid friendly, this list can be never ending. I am sure if you read up you’re gonna find more places that can surprise you and your kids all together.  Paris is more than just the city of love, I’m sure we know that by now. I hope this helps you plan out your paris packages while you’re booking with your travel agent.

Happy planning!

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