7 Awesome Tips About Laravel Development

Though, the Laravel framework has proved itself as the best option for the development of web apps. But, it is necessary to know about its advanced functionalities in order to make the laravel development worthy. These functionalities can even reduce the development time and creates a high-end web solution with better performance. So, here are the 7 awesome tips about development through this framework. 

Use artisan commands

The high performance of a web app is the guarantee of success and for an increase in the customer base. A laravel development company can use the artisan commands for this purpose. Creating a cache as the plain array is more useful while creating multiple routes and configurations. It makes this framework faster to load the cache, and all it happens through using the artisan commands. You can cache all types of use and admin data to lower the number of SQL queries. However, ensure to have the goof indexes to cache all objects and information. 

Limit the addition of libraries

A number of modules are present in the Laravel in the form of libraries and files to lower the development time. A laravel development agency chicago uses these libraries to develop a module quickly with the already written code. You can include the desired libraries in this framework, but doing so on an extensive level can result in a lower speed. So, limit the number of libraries included for this purpose and rely on alternative sources. The composer.json records are also helpful to lower the dependencies. Chopping down these libraries will enhance the speed of web apps. 

Use Eloquent query scopes

A way to make the Laravel more useful is the use of eloquent query scopes for different purposes. It is an ORM that makes the process of interacting with databases smooth. laravel development in chicago il has become much popular as businesses can easily modify the records of their databases using these eloquent queries. Moreover, retrieving the records also becomes faster. Apart from it, you can also make the code more clean and easy to read by using the different functions in the user model. 

Use models deleting event

A lot of tables are created in the database over time for different business operations. These records can occupy a lot of memory that subsequently results in a lower speed. You can use the model’s deleting event while using the Laravel to delete the superfluous records. This event will automatically delete all the child tables as well as delete a single parent record of the table. It is much handy for eCommerce businesses, especially to delete the records of invoices generated on a regular basis. 

Avoid bugs via optional helper 

The occurrence of errors is a common phenomenon for web solutions. But, a smart tactic provided by the development framework can help in handling these errors in a better way. A laravel development company should use the optional helper provided with this framework. For example, if there is no data to show against a particular query generated by the users, then there is the probability that it will generate an error. However, using the optional helper will return null rather than generating an error message.

Integrate with the mail services

Keeping the customers updated about the recent developments in your business or the launch of new products is essential. You can avail of the services of a laravel development agency chicago to integrate the mail service with your web app. Laravel offers an API for the SwiftMailer library for this purpose. It also provides the drivers for the various mail services like SMTP, Mailgun, SparkPost, and Amazon SES. Another option is sending the notifications through SMS or Slack. 

Opt for the queue system configuration

There are certain times when the online traffic over the web apps gets increased. This increased load can result in delaying the response to customer queries or a slow loading speed of web pages. laravel development in chicago il is becoming quite popular for its fast loading speed. You can achieve this speed by using the queue system configuration. These queues put the lengthy tasks on wait to get completed later with the help of an API built for this purpose. This phenomenon increases the performance and speed of the web app.

You can get better results by using these simple tricks in laravel development. Still, the list is pretty long, and you can enjoy a number of benefits like the enhanced security through the authorization phenomenon. Always use the latest version of this framework to enjoy the advanced functionalities and continuous support.

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