7 Reliable Tips to Ensure Your Bedroom’s Security Against Burglars

Among all the rooms inside your house, the most private is your bedroom. It’s a place where visitors cannot just enter as they please, unless you invite them in. Every teenager or adult in the family spends time on his/her own when he/she is in his/her personal bedroom. It’s where you get peace and quiet, without people disturbing you or invading your privacy. You sleep in it, and make yourself most comfortable because it’s like your own crib inside your house.

True for most people, the bedroom is also the room where you often and mostly keep your most important belongings. Stuff like your valuable collections, bags and clothing, jewelries and digital gadgets are kept safe there. These items do not need to be very expensive in terms of monetary price; instead, they could particularly be very significant to you. As necessary, they are placed close to you, within your sight and reach.

Because that is the case, the bedroom becomes one of the top targets of thieves. It is extremely alarming too because homeowners’ lives are at risk when robbers try to break into houses and into bedrooms to be specific. Prevention is always better than being late and sorry. 

Move fast, and do not wait for mishaps to happen to your home. Here are 7 reliable tips to ensure your bedroom’s security against burglars.   

1 – Install a lock that opens with a password or face recognition. 

As the world has progressed, thieves’ tactics also have. Regular padlocks cannot completely guarantee a room’s security these days because bandits have come up with more stubborn strategies to unlock them. Knowing that, you should be smarter than those mischievous housebreakers. 

For your bedroom, install a lock that opens with a password or with face recognition. This is one of the most impressive features of the modern day’s smart home security. Have a smart security device fastened outside your room, that only you and other bedroom users can access. For tougher defense, choose face recognition locks. In that way, you can ascertain that no one even has to waste time guessing or decoding your bedroom’s lock because it’s your face that can only open that door.    

2 – Set up surveillance cameras in the bedroom’s vicinity.

Together with smart locks, surveillance cameras in the bedroom vicinity allows you to monitor the people walking around. You can detect suspicious movements and activities. Also, if you have remote and portable access to those security cameras, you can keep an eye on your bedroom even when you are away or in another part of the house. You can prevent thievery and catch culprits using these video-recording gadgets for home security. 

3 – Hang thick curtains or blinds. 

The windows in your bedroom are the openings that connect outdoors to indoors. Firstly, while inside, you can see what’s outside through the windows. Vice versa, people outside can see the inside through the windows. Lastly and unfortunately, windows are used by robbers to watch their target houses and enter them.

It may be a very simple thing to do, but hanging thick curtains or blinds can keep your bedrooms’ interiors private and hidden. Attempting crooks will not be able to get a sight of what they could steal from your room if the curtains are thick and impenetrable enough to cover your windows. 

4 – Keep lighting sufficient

Ensure that there is sufficient lighting in your bedroom, so that no thugs will attempt since they can easily be seen and caught. Also, if there is ample lighting, you can properly move around and notice if there are strange movements around.   

5 – Do not choose glass doors

There are multiple door types that can make your bedroom pretty. One of them is glass doors. However, they are not the best when it comes to aiming for bedroom security. Obviously, glass doors only give your bedroom mere divisions or separators from the hallways and other rooms but not privacy. You and everything you have can still be seen from outside. What’s more, glass doors are the easiest to break and wreck. 

6 – Create hidden storage spaces

Besides the regular closets in the bedroom, hidden storage spaces will be very helpful for the extra protection of your most valuable possessions. Tell your custom home builders the type, size and look of storage areas that you want hidden away from guests’ and strangers’ sight. Experts can make it as invisible-like as possible. 

Just make sure that these custom home builders are totally trustworthy, so that they will not disclose the location of your secret storage spaces to anyone. If you’re more comfortable with doing it yourself, then do so with excellent skills and materials. 

7 – Have skylights installed instead of wall windows

This is a very specific tip that many but not all homeowners can do, but this helps. 

Have skylights installed in your bedroom instead of wall windows. Your custom home builders know the best style and dimensions for your abode. Neighboring houses and buildings cannot get a sneak peek to your bedroom because the roof is where the windows are. Only the sky, the tallest trees and the birds flying above can take a look inside, and that’s permanent. Robbers cannot peek and will also not be able to easily know that you have skylights since these roof windows are facing the sky. Those crooks will give up fast.   


Your bedroom is only for you (or for your family if it’s a family bedroom). Sometimes, you let people in if they are your close relatives and best friends. But never will you ever let people in if they are crooks! 

You do not need to experience terrible burglaries for you to be alert and smart. Be responsible. Do not let thieves take a chance on you! They do not deserve it. Keep your bedroom’s security tough and formidable. That’s how you can have a life and a home that are both sweet and sound!   


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Worthington Homes, a trust-worthy Sydney builder specializing in residential construction. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.