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Top 5 Stretch Marks Myths Busted

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The modern world is very easy to opt for and to mold yourself into. And not to forget that the introduction of Google and other such search engines has been very helpful for us all to search for stuff immediately just some finger touch away. Along with all the benefits it should not be ignored that this too much information makes it very difficult for the truth to be separated from fiction. If we talk about stretch marks, there is a huge number of the population that goes through this and experiences them.

The best dermatologist says that with the increase in the variety of the information spread on the internet people are extremely confused about what stretch marks actually are. Most of the people are seen sitting in guilt and feel about having stretch marks as they think they are the only ones suffering from stretch marks and worry about the treatment all the time. There is tons of information available on the internet and maybe that’s a reason why people are so confused and perplexed.

Here are some of the myths separated from the truths for your better understanding. Keep on reading if you want to see the busted myths.

  1. Only women experience stretch marks.

There is a very big misconception that it is only the feminine gender that gets stretch marks. Well, let me clear it all out, stretch marks don’t happen on the basis of gender or body type. Where there is skin it is seen that there are stretch marks. They usually occur to men too and occur in situations where there is rapid weight loss or gain.

For those who work out to gain weight, the possibility is very much equal. So next time you think that the stretch marks are only for women you are hearing the wrong information.

  • The only cause of stretch marks is the stretching of the skin.

As the name suggests that the stretching of the skin causes you to stretch marks. But if your day is the only reason for the stretch marks then you are wrong. Because there are other reasons that can cause you severe stretch marks. Including stretching, weight gain, and loss are also said to be the major reasons for the formation of different stripes on the skin called stretch marks.

The other reasons include the hormonal changes that occur when a woman is expecting. A major impact is seen on the skin after the hormonal inconsistencies in a woman’s body, this then increases the chances of developing stretch marks.

  • Skinny people never get to feel stretch marks.

There has been a concept of weight gain with the increase and decrease in weight. This is true but this doesn’t imply that the people who are lean or have a thinner body can never get stretch marks. There are many other reasons that can lead to getting stretch marks at any age. There’s no explanation that thinner people don’t get them.

The other reasons include puberty, drastic and sudden weight loss, and maturity spurts.

  • There is no treatment for stretch marks.

There are treatments to treat stretch marks but to think that these can vanish your stretch marks is not a concept to have. The potency of the treatments varies a lot and the effectiveness of each treatment and method also differs. But to think that the stretch marks will always stay on the skin is a bad idea.

There are treatments available that people opt for in order to minimize the appearance of stretch marks including laser, collagen-boosting treatment, and other options that increase the elasticity of your skin. 

  • All stretch marks are alike.

This is a big myth that all the stretch marks look the same. These can vary in shape and also in the color that they appear. This depends freaky on the factors like, how old the stretch marks are, what is the severity of it, and at what part of the body they have appeared.

It is quite simple to choose and fit oneself into the modern world. Not to mention that the arrival of Google and other similar search engines has made it much easier for us to find information with only a few finger taps. Along with all of the advantages, it is important to remember that having too much information makes it impossible to distinguish between fact and fiction. When it comes to stretch marks, a large percentage of the population suffers from them.


Stretch marks are real and are not to be taken lightly. But to have a better understanding of the problem is the main point. Get your facts straight, hopefully, the article must have been a great help. Visit your doctor for further information and to get your misconceptions cleared.

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