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Top Insurance providers of Telehealth in United States

Which are the best health insurance companies in the United States of America is the biggest question which strikes the minds of individuals residing in the States. 

The multiple options which are available makes it more challenging for the individuals to choose from it as the confusion keeps on increasing and to determine whether the healthcare plan covers the needs or not?

Even the Govt of USA provides healthcare insurance and it becomes very tough to make a choice and choose from the private healthcare providers.

There are many health insurance companies which have a vast range of available products, which ranks on the topmost list when we talk about healthcare insurance providers. 

The pandemic scenario makes it more difficult to seek and consult a doctor and it has added much more concerns. Among the busy schedules of individuals, they can try hard to stay away from novel coronavirus and the limited appointment availability can further lead to extra stress. 

Telemedicine has been observed as the main player which permits the individuals to discuss their stress and non emergency medical issues as doctors and physicians can provide advice and treatments in a remote manner. 

Though the USA government provides healthcare facilities to its green card holders and citizens still there are many private healthcare companies which enjoy a huge share in the market. 

Let’s dig this topic a bit deeper. 

Here is the list of companies which can assist in providing Telemedicine insurance which completely suits your requirements. 

United Health

Direct Written Premiums : $156.9 Billions

Market Share : 14.2%

The diversified health and well-being of the company is the basic requirement to survive in the competitive market. 

Unitedhealth Group’s core capabilities have their clinical expertise along with advanced technology with proper data and health information. 

Unitedhealth Group provides clients and consumers in the United States of America and more than 130 other countries through two different platforms. 

UnitedHealthcare provides healthcare coverage and benefit services while Optum has some information which are based on technology for providing healthcare services. 

The company made an investment of $3.5 billion in technology and the annual transactions can be counted around 1.1 trillion annually.

United Healthcare is working for the expansion of the dates through which waivers such as the centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services originating requirements for medicare advantage,medicaid and all the individuals which are fully insured Group Market health plan members. 

Even the cost share waiver has been rationalized to work for in-network telehealth services. The date even keeps on changing by health plan. 

The company is even working hard to ensure that the clients enjoy the telehealth services with covered insurance so that it curbs the costs that an individual needs to bear while getting treatments online. 


Anthem is the second popular health insurance company in the United States of America.

The company has its own plans and policies to deal with the Telehealth requirements and it also provides a cover to all the clients whether they take their treatment virtually or in-person. All the tele-health services are covered with insurance. 


Aetna is the company which is committed to provide health insurance to the residents irrespective of the healthcare services whether it is in-person or virtual. 

Aetna has been making an extension for all its members whether it is cost-sharing waivers for all the covered outpatient behavioral and mental health counseling services for all the commercial plans. 

All the self insured plans provide the waiver at the time of their convenience.

The company also provides for its in-network medical and behavioral health and telemedicine services for all the customers till the last date of this year. 

Even the company is renouncing cost shares for all the Medicare Advantage plan members for in-network primary care and even the specialists for making telehealth visits, outpatient behavioural and mental health counseling services. 

The Medicare Advantage members must continue to continue using telemedicine as their line of control to keep flourishing in the market. 

Cost sharing will be waived for all the teladoc medical care virtual visits at a general level and it will also provide cover for real-time virtual visits which are provided by in-network providers.


Depending upon the plans and locations, eligible Cigna customers can even come in contact with board-certified providers and even the therapists with proper license can come into an agreement with the help of a phone,tablet and even computer. 

To schedule an appointment virtually a patient just needs to make an appointment online using the MyCigna app.

To search a Cigna Behavioral Health network provider: 

  • Login to Cigna
  • Go to Find care and costs < Click Doctor by type and enter virtual behavioral health counselor 
  • Or, Call the number on the Cigna ID card

Even if you are not sure what services you need to use then you can even talk to a nurse which can assist the customers to know about their diseases and can even get to know the symptoms when the nurse keeps on asking specific questions about it. 


Humana is an insurance provider which covers health insurance for all the customers whether it is virtual or in-person. 

Even the company has its own platform where the patients can consult with physicians and doctors.

All the insurance covers gets provided by the company to all its clients based on certain terms and conditions which they agreed earlier before purchasing an insurance plan.

Concluding Lines

All the health insurance providers provide the health insurance coverage for Telehealth services as well as provides the fees for the person when they meet in-person with the same physicians which earlier came into contact via telehealth apps. 

All the insurance companies have mandated their policies after the COVID 19. All the Telehealth and Telemedicine costs can be bear by the insurance companies if they have agreed to the terms and conditions of their insurance policy. 

Many of the insurance companies have launched their own platform of Telehealth where clients and patients can consult the physicians using the same website of the insurance provider. 

About the Author 

Parth Patel is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of SyS Creations which is a top doctor on-demand solution provider. Operating the IT Infrastructure of SMEs and startups keeps him on his toes and his passion for helping others keeps him motivated.

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