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How can renters protect themselves with renters insurance?

Many people live in rented homes or apartments. One of the advantages of living in a rented space is that the apartment or house is the landlord’s responsibility and not the tenant’s, to insure the building and make repairs in the event of damage.

On one hand, it seems like an advantage, but it has its cons too with the tenant not being able to get the coverage for his or her belongings due to some unforeseen damages. This is where the renter’s insurance which is similar to homeowners insurance, plays a major role.

Renters insurance is also known as tenant’s insurance that protects the tenants’ and provides the coverage for their belongings, liabilities, and sometimes living expenses in case of a loss event such as theft, break-in, lighting, windstorm, hail, etc. It is designed to protect the renters living in a house or apartment which provides financial protection for loss or damage of possessions.

Why do you need renters insurance?

Buying renters insurance Louisiana can be a positive investment for it could prevent you from paying the unforeseen losses from your own pocket. A huge population in the US lives in rented apartments which makes renters insurance even more important. So be it renters insurance in Louisiana or anywhere else, it is important to have it for it has huge benefits.

Here are some of the reasons that explain why do you need renters insurance-

  1. One of the most obvious reasons is that it will protect you or cover your personal belongings such as clothing, jewelry, electronics, appliances, etc. It will give the tenant the cash benefits to replace the lost or damaged items.
  2. It even provides protection to your guests. If provides coverage for any of your guest injuries that happened inside the house such as from your pet bite, fall off, slips, etc. It will cover the medical or doctor’s bill in this case. In a way, indirectly, it prevents you from damaging your relationship with your guests! Hence, while protecting your valuables it safeguards your visitors too.
  3. It even has the protection for the items or possessions that might have been destroyed due to some natural calamity such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, etc. If your property is hit by any of these natural disasters, renters insurance has you covered.
  4. The electricity issues arising due to short circuits which may lead to events like fire are not covered in the landlord’s insurance. This expense is usually borne by the tenant. The tenant’s insurance has the policy of covering this expense.
  5. Sometimes unknowingly even the renters cause damage to the belongings or property, for example, the flow of water, breaking of glass or window panes, or else, falling of items for not being secured properly may lead to the damage of other things in the house. Renters insurance has coverage for even this. You may call the insurance company and claim for such damages.
  6. Renters insurance even has the provision for the case in which you unavoidably have to stay in temporary lodging i.e. away from the rented apartment which has occurred due to some maintenance work going on in the house or some other event. In any case, you can claim from the insurance such assistance and the insurance company is liable to pay you for the same. However, there is a limit to the amount the insurance covers in this case.
  7. A renters insurance doesn’t drain your bank balance for it requires only a small amount to be invested for it. It is a cheap investment that has large benefits. Renters insurance in Louisiana or in the US can be a big advantage and protection to every tenant without breaking their bank.
  8. Sometimes even the landlord of the property asks for renters insurance. This has become conditional in some places. So here anyhow you need to have a renter’s insurance.


Renters insurance Louisiana provides you protection against unforeseen and catastrophic damage at an affordable cost. You won’t regret investing in it for it has various advantages. However, before buying the insurance make sure that you do a good survey of what it covers and how it can protect you from the unexpected damages.

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