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Do Virgin Hair Extensions are Actual Human Hair?

Most people admire the unusually long length and fullness of virgin hair extensions on women. But are they aware that these hair weaves are perhaps ACTUAL human hair or not?

Some people don’t care about the history of their virgin hair extensions because I mean, who cares about history when all I want is to look glamorous for the gram, right?

Other people are weird not to feel comfortable until they’ve had more information about a thing they’re going to use regularly. 

One might think that the opposite sex, for example, would be entirely at sea when a topic like this comes up for discussion, but it would surprise you how many females are just as clueless!

Let’s start with what “Actual Human Hair” is.

Hair bundle Deals
Hair bundle Deals

“Actual human hair” (from now on 100% human hair) is in this context, the hair we’re all naturally born with. You might’ve heard of human hair extension donors in countries like India and China, where the women grow and cut their hairs as a form of religious devotion at some temples.

These hair extensions from “donors” are mostly pure virgin, raw (cuticle hair), which have the most durability and ease of use as the integrity of the hair has not been broken or altered in the process of collection. Virgin hair is hair that has not been colored or processed in any way, making it a highly sought after option due to its untreated qualities as well as length in most cases.

Another one of these 100% human hair extension hair types is “Remy hair” which you might’ve probably heard of due to its popularity.

They are easily the best type of 100% human hair extensions on the global market now, which explains why they’re so costly! I mean, not that it matters to those who love it anyway. These human hair extensions are the finest and highest quality of all the human hair extensions out there, and that makes it undoubtedly worth every penny!

Going back to the question, not all hair extensions are 100% human hair.

Human hair bundle
Human hair bundle

Some are merely synthetic, which means they’re made from fibres with the purpose of mimicking human hair.

Some have been manufactured so well that they appear almost similar to 100% human hair extensions, but that’s merely what they are, imitations.

You can’t count on them to last as long as other hair extensions because they are easily damaged by friction and heat. Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that some of these hair extensions on the market are interestingly a mixture of both human hair and synthetic fibre. Which makes them a little more desirable than pure synthetic extensions, but still are no match in comparison to actual 100% human hair extensions.

To sum it all up;

Due to the increase in demand for ‘actual human hair bundles’ in recent times, most of the hair extension and weave companies out there have made it a point to increase the availability of these 100% human hair extensions on the market to provide more client satisfaction and of course, to earn more revenue.

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