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Unlock Your Fitness Potential with These Top Personal Trainers in Singapore!

Services and Programs

  1. Personal Training: Meta Performance focuses on one-on-one personal training sessions, giving each client individualised attention to assist them reach their goals of building muscle, losing stubborn fat, and getting the body they want. To meet the needs of their customers, they provide flexible scheduling with the personal fitness trainer.
  2. Building Muscle: Their META Training System is engineered to create muscle effectively, emphasising the development of the proper muscles in the shortest amount of time.
  3. Fat Mitigation: Meta Performance emphasises weight training to encourage sustained fat reduction while working with the client’s lifestyle, in contrast to traditional techniques that emphasise calorie restriction.
  4. Injury Rehabilitation: They provide specialised programmes designed to use the appropriate exercises to treat ailments and injuries, such as stiff necks and back discomfort.
  5. Strength Training: Their strength training programme focuses on safe lifting techniques to assist individuals reach their strength objectives.
  6. Prenatal and Postpartum: Meta Performance offers specially designed programmes for women to achieve prenatal and postpartum fitness, supporting them during their pregnancies and helping them get back to their pre-pregnancy levels of fitness.

Body Transformation Program

  • Assessment Phase: A preliminary examination of the client’s objectives, body composition, and way of life to create a workable and realistic strategy.
  • Tailored Exercise Plans: Personalised one-on-one sessions designed to accomplish certain transformation goals, such as increasing muscle mass or decreasing body fat.
  • Progress Tracking: To make sure clients are on pace to meet their objectives, weekly evaluations and modifications to the exercise and diet plan are performed.

Why Choose Meta Performance?

  • Qualified Trainers: Collaborate with seasoned personal trainers who specialise in different facets of physical training and body transformation.
  • Modern Facilities: access to a contemporary gym furnished with the newest exercise machines.
  • Individualised Care: unique training sessions tailored to each person’s requirements and objectives.
  • Flexibility: Adjustable schedule choices to accommodate customers’ daily schedules.
  • Affordable Programmes: Designed to fit any budget.

Surge: Strength & Results: Accredited Personal Trainers with Customised Plans

Surge: Strength & Results is renowned in the field for employing the top personal trainers in Singapore who hold worldwide accreditation. Because of their program’s structure, which emphasises habit cultivation, their trainers provide customers with the highest return on investment and outcomes that last a lifetime. They also give results quickly.

Surge: Strength & Results adjusts the customisation of each customer profile according to their diet, habits, lifestyle, and medical problems. Together with their cutting-edge exercise technology, they provide their clients with the best possible instruction, support, and implementation, which helps them both remain accountable to one another.

Furthermore, Surge treats more severe medical issues including diabetes, obesity, slipped discs, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, to mention a few. They are home to a sizable staff (more than 20 and still expanding!) with a wide range of specialities in fields like competitive sports training, menopause transitioning, and pre-postnatal care. What was the outcome? They have a personal trainer on staff who is ideal for your requirements, health objectives, and unique circumstances!

It’s noteworthy to notice that they place a strong focus on and encourage an empowering culture that enables people to overcome obstacles related to negativity, motivation, and self-worth. Not to be overlooked are their joyful picture and video sessions for their clientele who are prepared and self-assured about their makeover.

UFIT: Comprehensive, Integrated Personal Training Plans to Help You Achieve Transformative Outcomes

UFIT is more than just a gym—it’s Singapore’s most comprehensive community for sports, fitness, and wellness. As part of their personal training programme, their distinctive, integrated approach grants customers access to all 1-1 services in their “Circle of Care,” meaning you have a team of professionals working together to help you reach your objectives and obtain results that last. To put it simply, you pay for one programme and receive free limitless lessons, access to eight distinct health and fitness services, and a staff of highly skilled specialists!

UFIT looks at all the fundamentals of health and fitness collectively rather than separately to help customers move, feel, and perform better over the long run. UFIT may assist you with any goal or stage of life, including weight reduction, managing menopause, getting back into training after having a baby, recovering from a sickness or accident, or preparing for a marathon. They give you access to a network of support and a team of experts through their Circle of Care, enabling you to reach any of your objectives.

Personal training, physiotherapy and osteopathy, sports massage, sports physician consultation, one-on-one reformer Pilates, one-on-one nutrition consultations, and health and fitness assessments are among the services offered by their Circle of Care.

Fitness Functions: Personal Trainers with Specialisations in Toning, Weight Loss, and Other Areas in Singapore

Ivan McCall, the owner of Fitness Functions, is proud of the wide range of services he offers, with a focus on toning, weight reduction, and endurance training. Their tried-and-true method of encouraging a healthy lifestyle is uncomplicated and doesn’t require a gym. Throughout their fitness journey, customers receive dietary guidance in addition to selecting from a variety of personal trainer regimens. Furthermore, Hamburg, Germany is now served by Fitness Functions’ fitness offerings.

You may work towards being the finest version of yourself in 2024 with Fitness Functions! They provide box fitting services, boot camps, and pre/postnatal fitness programmes in addition to their personal training programme. Their online training sessions via Skype are a great method to include fitness into your schedule and stay consistent if you’re a busy person or are always on the go.

One Personal Training: Dietary Plans and Structured Programmes Provided by Personal Trainers

One Personal Training is a well-known company that offers customised, scientifically based, and well-proven personal training plans. Take them into consideration. They boast a group of the best personal trainers in Asia and an impressive track record full of happy endings.

Equipped with a customised eating plan and an organised, high-intensity exercise programme, embark on their life-changing 12-week journey. This combo puts you on the right track to realising your life’s change.

Your dedicated One PT trainer will be paired with you to begin the adventure as your perfect exercise companion. This guarantees that your trainer is experienced in tailoring programmes to fit your interests, aspirations, and style! To create a plan that fits your lifestyle demands, your trainer will also do a thorough 45-minute fitness evaluation.

Atlas Fitness Group: Personal Trainers in Singapore for Muscle Gain and Weight Loss

No matter your age or stage of life, Atlas Fitness Group, an independently operated facility, believes that becoming healthy is always possible. As a privately held fitness sanctuary, Atlas is dedicated to providing long-lasting, efficient training plans that produce amazing outcomes in a matter of weeks.

You may take advantage of their free consultation and physical evaluation before starting a personalised fitness programme. It’s simple, scientific, and comes with no obligations! Along with engaging in enjoyable physical activities, you will have the opportunity to talk with your personal trainer SG about your objectives and develop a mutual understanding of your present fitness level, aspirations, and general well-being.

After that, you’ll start custom 12-week programmes meant to help people reach their fitness objectives or take care of particular health issues. Even if it means taking an occasional step back for your benefit, the team will make sure you are receiving the proper instruction at the appropriate speed and intensity.