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Top Reasons to Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 – Facts to be Known

When it comes to migrating from the default email application to another, it may be due to different factors. There can be multiple reasons behind switching the email application. When users want to switch from IBM Notes to Office 365, it can be due to various reasons. This article will emphasize the top reasons to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 in a precise way. 

Lotus Notes or IBM Notes, which is now known as HCL Notes is tremendously losing its popularity because of its inefficient features. Using Lotus Notes, one has to pay high installation and maintenance costs. Moreover, the data storage capacity offered is pretty much less in comparison to other reliable platforms like Office 365. On top of all, it renders a complicated interface, which makes it uneasy, particularly for a novice user to avail the same. It is completely an enterprise-oriented email application, which requires adequate technical expertise to utilize it diligently. 

On the contrary, Office 365, which is a cloud-based suite by Microsoft offers top-of-the-lines features. It can be availed in multiple subscription plans wherein users can choose the required subscription plan as per their business needs. Using which, one can easily avail the various MS Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. In addition to that, it offers advanced data security options, which enables users to safeguard their crucial data. Above all, one of the amazing features is that all these mesmerizing features are integrated in a user-friendly interface, unlike Lotus Notes application. Moreover, all these features have led to an increasing number of users migrating from Lotus Notes to an efficient cloud platform like Office 365. 

Foremost Reasons Behind Exporting Lotus Notes to MS Office 365

There exist a couple of shortcomings associated with Lotus Notes, which are some of the reasons to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365. The different reasons are elaborated in detail in the below section:

  • Because of the complexity faced in the interface of IBM Notes application. It becomes troublesome to manage the work, which ultimately degrades the work efficiency.
  • The search functionality rendered by Lotus Notes is not up to the mark. As a result, the keyword, which is searched for doesn’t get found
  • Only after refreshing the message list, all the new emails will be notified 
  • One needs to invest a sufficient amount of money for maintenance purpose, which is higher in IBM Notes application
  • Does not support configuring multiple user accounts, which is another top reasons to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365

Why Choose Office 365 Over Lotus Notes Application?

Knowing the various limitations imposed by IBM Notes, users prefer switching to a reliable email application like MS Office 365. Being a cloud-platform, one can instantly access the data from O365 regardless of the location or platform. It is an all-rounder suite, which offers OneNote, Skype for Business, Outlook, etc. Along with that, Office 365 provides better data synchronization without worrying about any data loss issue. All the features, which are integrated in Office 365 is being induced after knowing the demanding needs of the user. 

How to Perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 Data Migration?

After knowing the top reasons to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365, most of the users might have become curious to know the migration solution. Users can completely rely on SysTools Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration tool. Using which, one can easily perform email migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365 . It supports bulk migration of Lotus Notes mailboxes to O365. Users can avail various features such as option to apply date-filter option, delta migration, re-run migration, advanced user accounts mapping option and much more. 

Concluding Words

For users who want to avail Office 365 from IBM Notes can rely on the efficient technique disclosed here. Before performing the migration, it is important to know the top reasons to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365. Besides elaborating the reasons, this blog has also highlighted top-notch software to process instant data migration. 

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