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6 Top-Rated Things to Do in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach in South Florida is a fast-growing urban city. It is dotted with numerous cultural treasures, bustling entertainment districts, countless high-end restaurants, and picturesque waterfront. The year-round sunshine, pleasant weather, plenty of outdoor adventure, and picture-perfect beaches make it one of the most exciting destinations to explore. There are umpteen number of things to do in West Palm Beach. If you are unsure or prefer the other Florida beach city like Miami, then here are our picks for the best things to do here.

West Palm Beach

This South Florida city is separated from its neighbor Palm Beach by the Lake Worth Lagoon. It has friendly inhabitants, a strong LGBTQ community, a gorgeous waterway, and a diverse collection of restaurants. It is home to numerous museums, art venues, and 47 miles of beaches.

Best Time to Be in West Palm Beach

The city enjoys a tropical climate, with hot, oppressive, wet, and cloudy summers and pleasant, windy, and partly cloudy winters. It also experiences frequent thunderstorms in summers and hence it is not an ideal season to be in West Palm Beach. Moreover, it is also better to avoid the city during summer due to the extreme hot and heavy crowd of tourists.

The best time to book a flight to West Palm Beach is either at the end of spring (April to May) or in Fall (September to October).

Top Things to Do in West Palm Beach

There are plenty of things to do in West Palm Beach Florida. Hence while booking a flight to Florida make sure to visit this impressive city to have the most of your beach vacation. Here are a few experiences you can expect here.

Norton Museum of Art

Notable businessman Ralph H. Norton created in 1941 the Norton Museum Art and houses his impressive art collection. However it has been renovated and expanded several times and now holds more than 7,000 pieces of art from notable artists. There are several exhibits dedicated to European, American, and Chinese art and two additional exhibits for photography and contemporary art. Visitors to the museum have the chance to appreciate the arts of Piccaso, Gauguin, and Monet. Although the permanent exhibits impress all visitors, art aficionados also appreciate the temporary exhibits that showcase the brilliant photographs as well.

Lion Country Safari

Visiting this safari is one of the fun things to do in West Palm Beach if you are bringing your kids. The park is home to more than 900 animals who roam freely around the park. It is the first cageless drive through zoo in the country. The majestic residents of the park are lions, white rhinos, ostriches, giraffes, zebras, etc. Visitors to the park generally hops on the caged car to get a close look at the animals. However, one can also opt for the walk-thru portion, where they can feed giraffes, birds, fish, enjoy paddle boats, and play golf. The park is spread over an area of 600 acres and is just a short drive away from Panther Ridge. It also offers audio guides and the theme park area also includes fun rides, water slides, giraffe feeding experience, etc.

McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is home to over 170 majestic animals, including lions, panthers, tigers, and lemurs, etc. It offers initiative sessions for the visitors to get close with the sanctuary’s small species. These tours let visitors hold baby alligators and even pythons. The sanctuary was established to rescue and rehabilitate the injured and abandoned wild animals. There are also animals who were rescued from poachers and illegal traders. To visit the park, one needs to make a prior reservation.

Okeeheelee Park

The best way to reconnect with nature in an otherwise urbanized city like West Palm Beach, is to take nature walks through wooded trails. Okeeheelee Park, seven miles southwest of West Palm Zoo boasts several miles of trails, where one can walk, run, or ride a bike or cycle. Apart from these, the park offers outdoor activities like fishing, picnicking, or playing volleyball, baseball, tennis, or even golf. The park houses a large number of butterflies and birds. There is a dog park, where the locals bring their furry friend to play or run freely. There is a lake, where one can indulge in kayaking or paddle boating as well.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park was established in 1989 to preserve the native flora and fauna and make them thrive. It covers 438 acres of land and is located on the shores of Lake Worth. One has to cross the 1600-foot long pedestrian bridge over the estuary to reach the beach. The journey through the bridge itself is another highlight of the trip to the park. On your way, you get to hear the chirping of birds and even get to see the abundant bird life here. Don’t forget to bring your binocular. The entire park is peaceful and the undulating views of the beach and the lake make the trip worthwhile. Canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boating are popular activities here.

Palm Beach County History Museum

If you compare it with other West Palm’s museums, this one is pretty small. It is housed in a restored 1916 courthouse. The museum gives you an insight into the city’s diverse past. There are a few exhibits here that feature period artifacts, models, and photographs of those who contributed to the building today’s West Palm Beach. It has a permanent collection of millions of objects and images that span over 12,000 years. This historic museum is one of the best places to visit in West Palm Beach.

Clematis Street

This vibrant street in the heart of downtown, West Palm Beach offers the city’s most thumping nightlife. The entire area is dotted with surprising numbers of restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, and hotels. Every Thursday, the street comes alive for Clematis by Night, where you can catch a live music performance. Apart from its dining and shopping options, the street also offers picturesque views of the waterfront near Flagler. It also hosts the Seasonal West Palm Beach Green Market that features several local food and plant vendors.

Bottom Line

West Palm Beach is one of the best Florida Cities, which has the potential to attract millions of tourists. Although international tourists prefer Miami or Fort Lauderdale over West Palm Beach whenever they plan a beach vacation. But this often overlooked city has a lot to offer, where one can reconnect with nature, learn history, enjoy the thumping nightlife, and even experience the outdoor fun.