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tp link n300 range extender

Tp link N300 range Extender not extend the router network?

The n300 wireless range extender used to extend the network range of your home router. If your house is big and your traditional router is not capable of providing full network connectivity. In this condition you can install a tp link n300 range extender. That will extend the network range of your wireless router by covering all the dead zones areas. You can easily complete the configuration of this extender just by browsing or WPS.

It provides you superior extended range by boosting the network signal of your wireless router. It provides 300mbps speed in 2.4GHZ and supports working with all other devices like Microsoft Windows, NT, Vista or windows. The range extender mode of this repeater will repeat the signals to hard-wire and tough areas.

In this extender it will come with ethernet ports. It will work as a wireless device as well as you can easily connect other devices directly to the repeater using wired connection. You can easily set up a repeater just by using a tether app or accessing the tplinkrepeater ip. It allows you to access the management settings easily in your mobile phone. The design of this repeater looks very attractive and is a wall-mounted design. It will come with built-in smart indicators.It also supports night mode in order to peaceful sleep.

Tp link n300 range extender not extending the network range?

The tp-link n300 repeater is a smart device. That works amazingly and boosts the signal range in all the houses. You can easily connect your smart devices with the extender to use wide coverage. Can connect your smart TV. It will kill the dead zones by providing the interruption free network. The repeater need’s 10% of the signal to repeat the signal in large areas. You can easily connect multiple devices with the repeater and enjoy endless live streaming, play online games and watch movies without any buffering or network issues. Sometimes user’s will face network issues. No need to be worried, here are some steps to fix it.

Check if the internet is working or not?

Ensure your tplink n300 range extender is properly connected with the power source and the button is powered “ON”. You can check the working status by verifying the LED indicators status. If the indicator turns solid blue in colour that means a connection is established. If it appears not blinking means your internet is not working or poor internet connection.

Restart your tplink repeater

The issue can be created for countless reasons. The restart is the best option to fix the issue. You must need to disconnect all the connected wires of tplink n300 range extender. Then simply take out the power adaptor from the electrical outlet and switch it off properly for 5 minutes. Then insert the wires again and power it “ON” now check if your repeater starts to work or not. Sometimes a restart option will fix the issues.

Update the firmware

If your extender is not updated with the latest firmware or it’s corrupted. Then this kind of issue can be created. In order to update the firmware, simply open any web browser in your device and visit the official website of your repeater. Then simply download the latest firmware version according to your model number. Don’t forget to save the file in the home desktop. After downloading it. Open the admin center of your tp link repeater and access the device management settings, Here click to firmware option. Now select your downloaded file and click to update. Your repeater will update automatically.

Reset tp link n300 repeater

If all the mentioned steps did not work. You are still facing the same issue. Then you must perform a hard reset. But be sure that after factory reset the settings wil lost and set as default. You need to configure your repeater once again after performing factory reset. You can reset your repeater in two ways by accessing the admin center in the web browser or by pressing the “RESET” button.

In order to reset with a web browser open the admin center and visit device management, In the last a factory reset option is available. Simply click on it. A warning notification pop-up message will appear on the screen confirming it, Your repeater will reset shortly.

To reset with the button simply power on your device and press the reset button for 20 seconds. Until LED indicators start misbehaving. Release the button, Your repeater will reset.

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