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Want to Unblock Your Blocked BitTorrent Sites? Learn The Following 4 Ways

A maximum of torrent sites are getting blocked recently. Even the large communities are supporting, trying their best to shut down the access of torrent sites. Even the internet service providers are asked to block all torrent activities.

But what if your daily life relies on your torrent websites? Torrenting activity is not just about dealing with illegal downloads and copyright issues, it can even be used for legitimate purposes.

What if all your legitimate activities get blocked? You certainly can’t accept this. Right?

Solution? We have 5 such effective tricks and tips using which you can surprisingly access and unlock your BitTorrent sites. One of them is the installation of seedboxes.

4 Effective Ways to Unblock Your Torrent Sites

  1. DNS Server: When the internet service providers (ISPs) are asked to block the torrent activities, they only block them at the DNS or Domain Name System level. Hence it is easy for the DNS server to manage this carefully.

    DNS converts the IP address numbers to website names and allows the users to access the blocked torrent sites.

    Some popular free DNS servers used are –

    Google DNS:|
    Open DNS:|
    Comodo DNS:|

    Just change your DNS server from Network Settings and access your blocked site.

  2. VPN Server: VPN is another effective tool that can be either paid or unpaid version. VPN or the Virtual Private Network is known for its encrypted network that hides the IP address from the attackers.

    The best thing is that you can access the blocked sites with both versions. There are unlimited free VPNs along with endless paid VPNs as well. Both can be used to unblock the torrent sites and simultaneously upload and download torrent files.

  3. Seedbox: How can you forget the recent buzz, seedboxes? They are the most powerful tool that can be used for uploading and downloading files using torrent. The stunning bandwidth range from 100Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s along with its popular features have left the users stunned.

    You will hardly find any torrent user switching to other tools for uploading or downloading large media files or streaming online. Moreover, Seedboxes are basically found in paid versions. However, there is one and only free seedbox – Zbigz that comes with a few restrictions.

    Some Limited Features of Zbigz are –

    150KBps download limit.
    1 GB maximum file size to be downloaded.
    7 days expiry limit from the date of installation.
    2 files can only be stored at any time.

    Several hosting providing companies are there that promise to provide the best remote hosting solution. The seedboxes they provide are mainly the dedicated one. Look for them and get the best hosting solution like a seedbox.  

  4. Port 80: This is a bit slow but can be effective if appropriately used. Port 80 is a default port that can be used for every HTTP data transfer, hence never ever can be blocked by the network admins.

    How to access it? Just connect your torrent application with Port 80. Move to the application’s network preferences and uncheck the “Random Ports” option. Once you have done, set Port 80 as the port. Uncheck the UPnP and NAT-PMP and enjoy the torrent site.

However, this will slower down the torrent site to some extreme but will definitely give you the access.


The above-mentioned ways will not only be helping you to unblock your blocked torrent sites, but even keep you secured from firewalls, malware, and other cyber threats.

Whether it is the VPNs or seedboxes, choose the one that caters to your need and enjoy torrenting.

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