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Understanding The Average Roof Replacement Cost 

Sometimes, it doesn’t seem easy to swallow some truth about roofing regarding replacement costs. Every homeowner should understand the average roof replacement costs before venturing into it; on average, a replacement costs about 10,000 to 30,000. Replacement costs depend on what kind of roof you are planning to install, the features, and the season you want the replacement done may affect the costs. Read on to get more insight about roof replacement costs. 

Facts to Understand About Roof Replacement Cost

In reality, roofs are always under a lot of pressure. The excessive rain, heat and humidity, and so many other elements weaken the roof after a while. Therefore, carrying out a replacement could be more expensive than expected. Here are some of the factors to understand about roof replacement costs. 

1. Roof Cost and the Roof Size

The roof size should be considered when pricing a roof replacement project. This could influence how much should be spent on the project. The larger the roof, the more materials and labor are needed to execute the project.

2. The Roofing Material and the Cost

In this present economy, roofing materials are a big deal. However, most homeowners would prefer asphalt shingles because it is more affordable. Notwithstanding, other roofing materials need to be purchased. All of these joined together to influence the roof replacement cost. Shingles are sold per square foot, so the more you need to complete your project, the more you have to pay.

3. The Shape of the Roof and Its Cost

The shape of the roof also adds to the cost. Some common shapes in the state include hipped, gable, flat, Dutch roof shapes and other alternatives. More standard roof shapes are a bit pricey. You can expect to pay a little more if you require a specific roof shape.

4. Slopes and the Cost

Another factor to consider is the slopes or pitches o the roof. The overall shape of your roof can make a massive difference in the cost of carrying out your replacement. The slopes are more labor-intensive. Pitch and slopes are calculated per square foot. Therefore, the higher the slope, the higher the cost. 

5. Labor Cost for Roof Replacement

Every laborer deserves to be paid for their work. In some states, labor cost is measured per sq. ft. labor in a roof replacement project is divided into two. One part of the labor is charged for removing materials from the work site. At the same time, the other one is for installation. In addition, every contractor has its specific labor cost. Therefore, pay attention to this aspect when considering hiring a contractor for your replacement. 


Finally, these costs listed do not add to the other miscellaneous you would have to worry about. You may need to call for a roof inspection before the replacement and get permits. Also, if you decide to do your replacement at the wrong time, it could add up to the cost. It is advised that you choose fine weather towards the end of summer or fall to help reduce your roof replacement cost. Winter is also a good time for roof replacement.