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Vastu for an East Facing House

If a person looks in the east direction, while he is coming out of the house, then it is an east facing house. An east facing house is considered good for many reasons. The morning sunlight enters the house through the east, it will fill the house with natural light and positivity. According to Vastu Shastra, an east facing house is believed to be very lucky for its residents. However, the placement and alignment tend to have an effect on a person’s well-being as per Vastu. Select the best east facing house Vastu plan for your house for maximum benefits.

What should you choose?

Most people prefer an east facing house Vastu plan over the west facing one. However, even a west facing house can also be made auspicious if we follow the Vastu principles. Following the tips such as keeping the location of the main entrance in the right pada, placing the kitchen in the right direction, master bedroom in the southwestern direction of the house, etc can help in making even your west facing house auspicious. According to the Vastu Shastra, the house facing Northeast direction is the best. It is believed to be the auspicious direction for entry to the house. 

Living room in a east facing house

Consider placement for the living room in an east facing house. You should not cross the bedroom or kitchen before entering the living room. For an east facing house, the living room should be placed on the north-east is considered lucky according to Vastu. Make sure the walls in the north and east side are shorter and thinner compared to the south and west. It will attract prosperity in the residents personal as well as professional life.

Don’t do these in an east facing house 

  • Do not the rising sun to identify the eastern direction.
  • Ensure avoiding all padas for the main entrance except the ones that were recommended.
  • Do not place the bathroom tank in the north east corner. 
  • If the plot is inclined towards north to south, it is best to avoid getting such a plot.
  • Avoid the north east corner for placing any bedroom in the house like the master bedroom, Kids’ bedroom, or even the guest bedrooms.
  • Do not place a staircase in the North-East corner in an east facing house.
  • Do not plant any trees in the North or East side of an east facing house. However, if any tree is presently planted in that direction, then you should not cut it, in that case, it is better to consult a Vastu expert to help you with the action to be taken.
  • Dustbin or garbage should not be outside the main entrance or in the North East corner.
  • Do not have any sharp edges or cuts in the North East corner in an east facing house.
  • Don’t block the whole east side. That can cause negative energies to build up inside the house.

Pooja room east facing house vastu plan

According to Vastu, the pooja room direction in an east facing home, should be placed in the north or east corner. A person should see any of these directions while praying.


It is very important to do a detailed analysis of an east facing house Vastu plan by consulting an expert to get the maximum benefits. By following the Vastu tips given above, you can go ahead and get a proper Vastu plan for east facing house. Vastu Shastra experts are of the opinion that all directions are equally good when it comes to buying a house.