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The Role of Visual Design in Website Development

Website development is a fundamental requirement for any business in this technologically advanced modern era. When someone visits a website, the first thing they notice is the visual components within the design elements. The visual design of a website has a significant impact on how users interact with it. Thus, it is always important for website developers to master the art of website design to develop a visually appealing website. Being one of the best website design companies in Kolkata, we’re going to share some insights on the aspects of visual design in website development in this blog.

Visual design and UX

Visual design in UX not only deals with how your website looks, but it also encircles a wide area of how it works and feels to the users. An eye-catching design acts as a cherry on top for a well-functioning website. While planning the design of a website, developers need to consider several elements, such as colours, shapes, fonts, images, and buttons. All of these elements play an important role in influencing user interaction with your website.

On the other hand, it is also important to consider the targeted user base because, for instance, if you are designing an app for children, you might consider using bright colours and patterns so that it is appealing to the kids. Similarly, if you are designing for a fintech company, then you should keep the design formal and focus largely on the functionality of the website.

How can visual design influence user experience?

From our experience as a website design company in Kolkata, we know what attracts users, and it is the visual design of the website. It plays a good role in improving the user experience with these four basic things:

1. Keeping consistency in design

It is important for website designers to maintain consistency throughout the design; otherwise, it might leave a negative impression on users. Without consistency in design, users might need to spend a lot more time learning your interface. Thus, there should be an efficient planning about the whole layout of the website, and it is also better to experiment with different styles that suits better with specific niches.

2. Maintaining visual hierarchy

Your website must have a visual hierarchy on each page, as it makes inserts easier to scan in formation. It also contributes to keeping users attention and focusing on the content of your website. It is a common mistake for many website designers to overlook the visual hierarchy because this stresses too much on the design. Without visual hierarchy, it will be very difficult to keep users engaged with your website only with an aesthetically pleasing design.

3. Testing the visual concept

While planning for the website design, developers need to continuously test various visual concepts to judge which one is relevant to the specific nature of the website. At the time of testing, developers might consider image and colour composition according to the interests of the targeted user base. For this reason, many developers use prototyping and MVP development to test the usability and reliability of a website.

4. Analysis of trends

Let’s say designers also need to stay up-to-date with the latest design trends in the market. It is important to note that users are familiar with many other websites on the internet, and subsequently, if your website uses a design that is quite backward in time, then they will abandon your website and will refer to your competitors’. In addition to investing time in R&D, developers can also conduct secondary research to get a better idea of market trends for specific industries or niches.

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