Top 7 Whale Watching Destinations in Australia

Australia can honestly brag about having the most glorious natural riches in the entire world. From the invigorating and untamed outback to magnificent and wild waters, Australia is undoubtedly the home to vast natural wonders. Hence, Australia is also one of the top places to go whale watching. The warm waters provide an adequate and safe habitat for whales and for delivering and nursing their calves. This signalizes that more than 60 % of the world’s whales are found in Australia’s grandiose waters. With that information in mind, it’s no wonder that Australia is the home to top whale watching destinations – let’s discover them all!

1. North Stradbroke Island, Queensland

Get ready for some splashes and amazing whale-watching action, because just with a fast ferry trip from Brisbane’s bayside you could witness the most amazing whale activities. The keen travelers come to North Stradbroke Island around June and November because at that time of the year around 200 humpback whales pass through that area every day. If you tend to get seasick and if you are not so fond of boats, this is the ideal and fun destination for you and your kids because you could go to Point Lookout for a majestical view of these enormous sea creatures.

2. Bremer Bay, Western Australia

Bremer Bay is located just 5 hours southeast of Perth in the pristine Great Southern and is host to the largest congregation of Killer Whales in the Southern Hemisphere. In this region Killer Whales or orcas live in family pods of 6-20 individuals, and the best way to see these tremendous animals is by going on a boat tour between January and April. Team up with an experienced agency and go whale watching with Bremer Bay orca tours that specialize in operating in harmony with these Australian cetaceans. When you head out to see the orcas with professionals, you could rest assured that they would keep their privacy intact and not disturb or influence their behavior because their vessels are designed to minimize sound pollution.

3. Bass Coast, Victoria

Choose any date from April to November to see tremendous migrating marine mammals in action in Gippsland’s Bass Coast, Victoria. Through these turquoise waters usually, humpback and southern right whales roam, but if you are lucky enough you could even see orcas emerging from the water. The best spot to see these fascinating animals is by settling on a jaunt along the Bass Coast Whale Discovery Trail. This coastal stretch has numerous whale-watching points with a lot of informative signage so everybody could acquire some awesome knowledge and history about these mammals. Don’t forget to stop at the soaring cliffs of Pyramid Rock and Cape Woolamai.

4. Eden, New South Wales

Head out to Eden’s coast from September to November to see the southward migration of humpback whales. Usually, during this period you could witness large pods of humpbacks that come and stay close to shore with their calves which is a real whale watcher’s paradise. You could go to Sapphire Coast town or find your way to a number of land-based vantage points to have a greater look. Also, you might encounter Killer Whales in the distance, and those who are brave enough could hop on a boat for a thrilling whale-watching tour.

5. Whitsundays, Queensland

If you want to see short-finned pilot whales and humpbacks, then you must go to Whitsunday Island. The warm, shallow, and sheltered waters around these areas are ideal for these types of whales which also love to calve in the nursery grounds. Because the waters are shallow, if you arrive sometime between May and September, you could see these highly social types of whales in pods of 15-50 even at the edge of the coastline. Very often the rare special of an albino humpback whale, “Migaloo”, can be seen in these tropical waters.

6. Bruny Island, Tasmania

Embrace the unique opportunity to see southern right and humpback whales as they pass through stunning Bruny’s waters. You can easily spot these awesome creatures any time between May and July, but also sometimes during September and December. To have a good view of these dazzling animals you might need to go to Adventure Bay on South Bruny, however, some of these whales take shelter for up to five weeks so you could spot them relatively easily if you were to walk along the coast of the island. Also, the other whale special like the pygmy right whale, the orca, and minke whale tend to pass the island’s waters.

7. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Those who are already planning to visit this mesmerizing Australian gem would be in for a real treat.  Try to set the date during June and July in order to spot dwarf minke whales on the reef when the pods gather here. The minke whale tends to migrate here and anybody could easily spot them as they are smaller and have mottled grey, black and white color. You could take the glass bottom boat cruise to the reef or go snorkeling around the Great Barrier Reef and see these whales and other breathtaking sea animals. What’s more, between May and September you can experience true whale-watching as the glorious humpbacks get drawn to these waters at that time.

Other destinations like Victor Harbor, Warrnambool, Hervey Bay, and many others are also a real delight for all adventure seekers. However, for the truly unforgettable experience, the above-mentioned destinations are a must-see. 

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