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What Are Gojek Clone App Online Medical Consultation Services?

On-demand Online Medical Services provided on the Gojek Clone App are a bundle of convenient facilities. What kind of facilities? Well, with just a few clicks on the app, customers can now book an Ambulance, set a Video Consultation with doctors, get medicines delivered from nearby pharmacies, etc. 

In this blog, we will explore many things about online medical services and their components. Let’s begin! 

Introducing Online Medical Services on the Gojek Clone On-demand App 

Just a few taps are required to book a medical service with the on-demand multi-service gojek clone app. This single service component enables the app users to get the immediate medical attention they want. For example, a user can get prescribed medicines from a nearby pharmacy whenever they want to. The only prerequisite is to upload the prescription provided by the doctor.  

The different medical services available are: 

  • On-demand online video consultation with doctors of any specialty 
  • Order Blood/Plasma from a nearby Blood Bank 
  • Book an Ambulance 
  • Get medicines online 
  • Book an appointment with the doctor 
  • Book an appointment with the vet (for pets)

Gojek Clone App Online Medical Services – An In-Depth View

The app offers incredible medical services to customers. So, let’s discuss the various things that customers can leverage with this mind blowing all-in-one medical services platform. 

Select preferred services  

Choose one of the multiple medical services online. On the app’s home screen, the customers will be able to see the ‘Medical Services’ component. By tapping on it, an entire menu will open up. Here, customers can see numerous services including booking an appointment, video consultation, etc. 

To book the service, the customers need to select one and proceed with choosing the right service provider, selecting a payment method, adding location details, and so on. 

Get superfast deliveries 

Enables your customers to get superfast doorstep deliveries of medicines and blood/plasma right at their doorstep. As soon as the customer places an order, a delivery driver is assigned by the app. Every delivery driver near the pharmacy or blood bank is notified about the service request. 

Any delivery driver who accepts the request gets the details. Now they go to the store to pick up the order and deliver it to the service location. In this way, service providers make quick deliveries from door to door. 

Select a preferred doctor 

The Gojek Clone App users can book a doctor they prefer. For example, a user wants to book an online video consultation with the General Physician. Now, they can filter the doctors based on their proximity to the service location. Additionally, they can use the following factors to find the best General Physician: 

  • Check the experience in the Industry.
  • Read the professional’s bio. 
  • Ratings & review 
  • Portfolio 

Based on all these factors, the customers can choose to hire a professional. 

Track the service provider 

Besides convenient service booking, customers can also track the providers in real time. Customers can see the live location of the providers on the in-built map. For example, one customer books an ambulance. 

On the app, they can see three things after the service request has been accepted – the location of the Ambulance driver, the medicine delivery driver, job progress on the timeline, and the estimated delivery time! 

Internal chatting and calling on the Gojek Clone App 

The app allows customers and service providers to communicate with each other via online chatting and voice calling. 

Voice calling is protected with a VOIP-based system that hides personal information like a phone number. In simpler words, if a customer is calling the delivery driver using the in-app calling facility, they will not be able to see the phone number on the screen. 

In other words, this feature ensures customers’ and providers’ privacy! 

Other facilities that make medical services much more convenient for users include 

  • In-app push notifications 
  • Invoice summary 
  • Multiple credit card management 
  • Item name searching 
  • Providing additional information about the medical issue 
  • View gallery 

In Conclusion: 

To sum up, let’s note that the on-demand multi-service Gojek Clone App provides the utmost safety and convenience to customers. Apart from this, entrepreneurs get the best opportunities to earn commission on every online medical service booked through the app. 

The entrepreneur can choose the commission rate easily! So, grab the business solution today.