Reasons to Choose Hidden Halo Rings for Your Wedding

A hidden halo ring looks just like a regular solitaire ring from a top view. But from any other angle, you will be able to see the hidden halo, which makes this ring stand out of the regular rings. The term “halo” in context to wedding and engagement rings means a row of diamonds that frame the centre stone. Hidden halo setting had its origin in traditional rings. A hidden halo ring has a diamond halo located just under the centre stone, like a base for the centre stone. Engagement rings hatton garden has the best collection of hidden halo rings. But what difference does this feature make? 

Let’s look at some of the benefits of purchasing a hidden halo ring

It makes the centre stone appear larger

The hidden halo setting can make the centre stone appear 15%. It gives the central diamond a stage made up of even more diamonds which makes the entire part look shiny and brighter. The surrounding stones also provide protection to the centre stone which is very delicate and can get damaged easily. Since the central part seems bigger, it can save your hundreds of dollars as you will be able to reduce the weight of the metal. 

It works with any shaped diamonds

Other types of setting needs adjustments and a lot of work to fit in the diamonds. It is not the case with a hidden halo setting. It fits perfectly with any shaped diamond such as oval, radiant, round, pear, etc. Hidden halo setting provide also provide space to add diamonds to the band without cluttering the centre stone. Due to this feature, the hidden halo setting is getting popular day by day.

Mix metals

The hidden halo room allows you to mix metals with wedding and engagement rings without ruining or overwhelming the design. It gives plenty of options to customize the ring as you have the opportunity to change any of the three features – the centre stone, the hidden halo and the band. You can try out different and unique combinations considering your budget and preferences. Being creative can really be fruitful, for example, you can choose a yellow gold hidden halo surrounded by the white gold band and more such experiments. Wedding rings need to be special and you don’t want to miss out on any possible new option. Hidden halo rings do that for you. 


There is no major price difference between halo or hidden halo setting. The hidden halo setting not even need as many as diamonds because it is set between the centre stone and doesn’t frame the entire diamond so the two sets are priced almost evenly.These are some of the exceptional benefits of a hidden halo ring. It is totally up to you to buy it or not. Some people prefer traditional rings also. Hatton Garden Jewellery are one of the best options for considering while looking for a hidden halo ring.

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