Why industrial training is important for every student?

ShapeMySkills is a well-known industrial training center in Noida with more than 27 years of experience. It offers a variety of industrial training courses at the technical level that is difficult to find in other training labs. Our Noida-based industrial training project is led by experienced industrialists with years of experience in the relevant field.

The industrial studies at Noida emphasize the need to bring in a deeper understanding from the basics to the development level and are designed for students and practicing professionals.

Our industrial training programs will enable students to enter the IT industry as skilled and certified professionals. We pay special attention to the working times and provide hard training. Live industrial-based training in Noida helps you gain real-world knowledge and build awareness of current industry trends and patterns.

Today’s 6-month Industrial Training in Technology through live projects is essential for every student to gain experience to increase visibility among employers. In this industrial training, we assist candidate candidates from B.tech, BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA courses, and many more courses aimed at achieving the highest standards. Training based on Real-Time projects is at the heart of ShapeMySkills approach to teaching and building skilled workers.

Here, at ShapeMySkills, students receive excellent industrial training in Noida to learn how to deal with various challenges in this ever-changing world, with practical skills. We follow a holistic approach to encouraging students to create a positive attitude about barriers to work. The 6-month industrial training opens the door for more opportunities to put their skills and knowledge and gain recognition.

At ShapeMySkills, when a student opens six months of Noida industrial training, they find real work in the IT industry. We ensure that students receive adequate learning that helps them to become familiar with the complexities of the working world. We have an award-winning infrastructure with High tech classes for students to use the skills they have acquired during their studies. Our professional instructors help every student solve questions and enable students to do their best.

The Industrial Training ShapeMySkills Courses offers a wide range of basic and specialized industry courses designed to help build a skilled, trained and efficient workforce.

ShapeMySkills courses offer a powerful training tool that can be used directly where training is needed, e.g., in the classroom, in the plant, in the office. Provides all relevant content in the appropriate context, complete testing, and the latest performance testing tools. With seamless integration into Mind-Sight, ShapeMySkills Courses offers a wide range of ways to meet the needs of industrial training.


A wide range of basic and specialized industrial subjects

Advanced production, industrial, and technology organizations are used

Complete testing

Seamless integration within the Mind-Sight learning program and content management

Noida Industrial Training is conducted by ShapeMySkills with a variety of courses that will be distributed in multiple locations. Programs are usually held twice a year, starting in January and July. The duration of the program varies from 4 to 6 months depending on the needs of the students and the professionally trained partners involved in delivering the program and supervising the trainees throughout the program.

There are about 50-60 participants in a group with a good number of students of successful learning coaches. Upon completion of the program, successful students will be issued with a certificate of training.

ShapeMySkills provides great opportunities in a growing field for students. We have great career development options for students. At ShapeMySkills we offer training at BCA, BSc. IT, B.tech, and MCA students are required to engage in major software, web development, and online marketing companies. It turns out that after graduating from ShapeMySkills from college with a very good percentage, it becomes difficult for the newcomer to get the right job. It is not their fault, but colleges don’t get the chance to learn about a career-focused ShapeMySkillsion.

We are here to make them work better so that it is easier for them to get a job in any field needed in the IT industry. We focus on providing excellent training sessions that help students develop their skills. We offer a variety of courses to our staff including comprehensive teaching sessions and information management projects. It helps them develop their basic and practical knowledge. We also provide job opportunities to those we train as they learn and grow through our training programs

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