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Winn Dixie Clone App

Challenges Of Grocery Business And Solution By Developing Winn Dixie Clone App

On-demand grocery delivery app like Winn-Dixie are getting popular like never before. With CORONAVIRUS, Pandemic hitting globally the purchasing has gone online. People fearing contracting COVID19 is running high. Thus, developing an app like Winn-Dixie can support the supply chains and serve the distribution network accordingly.

The best part is that the digital landscape is increasingly becoming favorable. So, if you are planning to launch Winn-Dixie Clone App this blog is for you.

So, let’s dive in.

The Critical Insights Of winn dixie clone app

1) According to Statista, the online grocery market of the USA predicts sales to cross 59.5 billion USA dollars by 2023.

2) According to the recent research carried out by Forrester it is suggested that more than $5.6 trillion sales are at stake only in grocery categories.  

3) The downloads of grocery delivery apps soared to double alone in the United States in the first half of March.

4) During pandemic the online buying and shopping surged from 10% to 15% globally.

Therefore, the timings are never been right to create Winn-Dixie Clone App. This innovative on-demand grocery delivery app can be the best thing to ease the COVID-19 impact. 

However, before you look at the benefits of developing an on-demand grocery development app solution, it makes sense to look at the challenges of the grocery delivery business: 

Winn Dixie Clone App

Supply and demand not matching

The traditional grocery store had a huge challenge in maintaining the stock supply. Because of the COVID19, people used to overstock the supplies thus, resulting in stock problems. Store owners can’t refuse customers to buy in bulk. Thus, there was no way out of this vicious circle. Having an on-demand app developed like Winn-Dixie can eliminate this issue. The inventory gets automatically updated thus, helps store owners to balance the supply and demand.

Inefficient deliveries

Customers demand same-day deliveries. Well, this is challenging for the grocery store owners as they do not have dedicated delivery drivers/fleet to do the deliveries.

Difficulty in reaching small towns

Among several challenges faced by grocery store owners one of the ongoing ones is not able to reach small towns/areas. Making a delivery here is a hassle as there is no availability of regular public transportation. Having developed an app like Winn Dixie can eliminate this issue through dedicated delivery drivers. The small towns are free of traffic and can be supplied the deliveries through multiple delivery drivers. 

Lesser margins

The profit margins are too less. The primary motto of the business is to earn profits. Grocery store owners are facing a huge crunch of profit margins as sales continue to dip. With the pandemic hitting, and on and off lockdown happening, the grocery business stores are unable to run their businesses seamlessly. Thus online grocery delivery app like Winn Dixie can help increase the business revenues as it makes it easy for the consumers to place orders anytime, anywhere on the go. 

Must-Have Features To Integrate Into Winn Dixie Clone App

When building Winn-Dixie Clone App, the primary thing to consider is customized features. Apart from Multiple payment modes, Live tracking, Shopping list, In-app Chat/Call,  Secured and quick checkout process, etc., you will need the following features to stand out from the rest:

  • Store wise commission
  • Import grocery items via CSV
  • Multiple language/currency
  • Day wise separate timeslots
  • Order cancellation option for store delivery
  • Voice instruction for store delivery 
  • Item name searching
  • Graphical icon of order in-app notification
  • Covid19 safety features include mask verification, safety checklists, 
  • Safety ratings and reviews
  • 18+ Age confirmation

In Conclusion

It goes without saying that without a grocery delivery app, your grocery delivery business is as good as dead. We have mentioned the challenges of the grocery store owners that are facing during this Pandemic. 

Thus it makes sense to develop an intuitive on-demand grocery delivery app like Winn Dixie. However, the most important thing is to choose the right company to develop your app. Choose a reliable on-demand app development company that helps you build Winn Dixie Clone App. The

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