10 Unique Home Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Look Beautiful


The decoration is something that reflects your persona through your creation. People spend a lot of money on home decor ideas but they don’t really put creative thoughts into it.

A chunk of money is given to the interior designers who charge for the most expensive decor. What I am trying to say is that you can do it all by yourself where you can actually put up your own decor.

I recently changed the entire outlook of my house. I was thinking of doing home design and my mother-in-law’s interior designer gave me a theme that I absolutely did not like, and it was too expensive. Therefore, I decided to take things into my hands.

In this article, I will share 10 unique home decor that I planned and executed all by myself. If i can do it, you can do it too ladies!. It’s time for a change.

10 Unique Home Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Look Beautiful

A house does not magically become a home, to make it a home you have to turn and shape it as you want and share your aura with it, and hence there you will have a home sweet home.

1. Build A Cozy Spot

Your home must have a cozy spot so that at the end of the day when you need some time to chalk out your family plans, there is nobody to disturb.

If you are a reader, turn that cozy spot into a cozy reading spot. With a cup of coffee, you are sitting on that cozy sofa with your favorite book on the other hand.

It is absolutely your choice what kind of couch you want and other furniture you want to add. Remember don’t forget the theme, the entire look of the room is supposed to make you feel better and cozy.

2. Black Is Aesthetic

I have my study room painted black. Black gives me peace. If you are just like me and have been thinking of painting a room black, go for it. Stop listening to “nobody paints their house black”.

To make it look even better, add some wood furniture or gold. Trust me you will not want to leave the room. Some paintings of your favorite painters can be hung on the black painted wall.

If you take my suggestion I would say turn everything black, like your pillow covers, bedsheets, with beautiful lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

3. Style The Emptiness

According to me,  if you find a place that is lying empty, style it immediately with Photo canvas prints. My mother’s house has a fireplace, but she never needed it. And also complained that the spot looks so empty. To which I replied, “it won’t be anymore”.

The next day I surprised my mother by turning the fireplace into a small gallery. Which was decorated with pottery made by her. Now it’s a little artwork gallery.

You can also hang mini pictures on canvas, on the wall of the fireplace. Other than the fireplace if any part of your home seems empty to you, think about what can be done to make it look good.

4. Windows Are The Eyes Of A Home

Just like you are decorating your home, don’t forget the windows. Because when someone from outside looks at your home, they look at the windows to get an idea how the inside is going to look. Similar to looking into a person’s eye to get a glimpse of the soul.

Your curtains must give a hint of the theme of the house. If you are a solid color lover, get some curtains in your favorite solid one. Floral prints are not bad either, it can show how joyful your home’s aura is.

I have used an olive solid hue as the color of the curtain. It really looks good, and it goes with the dark theme that I have installed in my home.

5. Shuffle The Book Shelf

I have been in homes where they have a bookshelf, but nobody reads anything, and never ever it has been restyled. That really disturbs me. If you are not into reading don’t get a bookshelf, replace it with something else that you really like.

A bookshelf gets dust very easily as it stays open all the time. A closed bookshelf doesn’t look good to me. Therefore I have my bookshelf painted black too. The floor is covered with a grey mattress, and a chair made of rope is kept a bit further.

The books are not placed vertically, as they should be. I placed it horizontally, with one or two vases with it. I have also added a ladder, though the bookshelf is not that high, it looks very classy. Thus, this is one of the best home decor ideas that can boost your creativity.

6. How About A Canopy?

A bed with a canopy kind of gives a royal vibe in; ’t it?. Since my bedroom is black I have set a black net canopy on top of the bed. My husband loves it, making love under that rushes you with romantic thoughts.

A canopy does not look good if it is accessorized. Maybe kids do that, but if you want it to look royal and classy, keep it the way you have purchased it.

Match the pillows and bedsheets with it, contrast it if you want, but never put something else that does not compliment the beauty of the canopy.

7. Your Powder Needs Love

I agree that a tiny place is hard to decorate. There is just not enough space to color on. I get it, but I also believe that if you have a mind that is always jumping into new ideas, you can make it work. Besides, there are also gadgets you should use in your home to make your place look more beautiful.

A place that is tiny with things that cannot be moved or added needs a lot of thinking, and therefore after a lot of thought, I chose the walls and the top surface of something that is huge.

You can easily put paintings on the walls, and even paint them if you like. Put showpieces on top of things, to bring the punch.

8. Your Bathtub Needs A Companion

If your bathtub and the area are small and you can’t really find a place to hang towels or keep your skincare products, bring a stool in there. A wooden stool of course.

If the bathtub and the bathroom theme are vintage, then everything you will add with them has to be vintage too. If modern then the same thing applies. My bathtub is placed right beside a window, so I have enough space as I can use the window sitting along with the stool.

A stool not only lets you keep your stuff on it but also makes the bathtub look like it has some company.

9. Bless This Home And All Who Enter

I have often seen that people keep shoe racks inside the home, beside the corridor. Which is cool but, if there is a bit of decor what’s wrong with that?

A shoe rack is supposed to be near the courier, but it must be covered all the time. If the right side of the corridor is occupied with shoes, decorate the left side. Get a table there, put a flower vase on it, along with a good painting hung.

You can also stand the painting underneath the table, it looks really good. Add a key hanger on the wall. And to your right side add an umbrella and coat stand.

10. Lightening

Lightning is very essential for a home and it can become one of the top home decor ideas. It not only helps you to see everything where the natural light cannot fully enter or at night. But it does give a different kind of vibe to your ambiance. You may feel like you are decorating for Christmas.

I never understood much about lighting, but my husband does since he is a cinematographer. He installed all sorts of lights, even the cheap ones, and I must say the face of the walls and the paintings have changed. The shadows now speak a different language.

The dining room and vanity area look the most different. Soothing lights are very good for the eyes, but at my study table, I have table lamps. Lights have different roles to play, use accordingly.

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Wrapping It All Up

Here you go with 10 home decor ideas along with tips. Hope we share the same thoughts and will.

10 more ideas have been named just above, to know more about them, let us know by leaving a comment in the comment box.

Hope this article has helped you in one way or the other.

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