7 incredible Places in Kosrae?

Kosrae is among many countries in the world that do not brag about a large number of tourists visiting them. However, this city is loaded on the islands found in the states. This state is also known as Micronesia which is an island state in the Pacific Ocean and the most extended country in the world.

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Read the following points in the city:

Kepirohi Waterfall

 Kepirohi Waterfall is Micronesia’s best-known waterfall located at the 20 m (66 ft) high fall that drops into a lake and is a huge draw for both local and visiting swimmers and picnickers. Visit this stunning waterfall along a stone path from the main road where you will capture tons of colorful tropical flowers along the way. 

Nan Madol, Kolonia

Nan Madol is described by locals as “the city built on coral reefs. This spot was inhabited as early as the 1st or 2nd century CE and was constructed within a lagoon. This spot in the city consisted of a series of artificial islands linked by canals which are semi-submerged sites today that can only be explored by taking a kayaking tour. So, guys rush to this city if you want to drive or take a boat to the island, or go for a paddle then to the man-made islands and their ancient ruins.

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Truk Lagoon, Chuuk

Truk Lagoon is also known for its sunken shipwreck and represents one of Micronesia’s top scuba diving spots. This place, because of the lagoon’s status, is a nationally protected historical site. Visit this shipwreck that remains largely untouched. The lagoon was sunk during a World War II battle, where the ship lies in relatively shallow water and offers a perfect depth for avid scuba enthusiasts. 

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Stone Money, Yap

Stone Money is an interesting site to visit to see giant stone discs used as coins. This Stone Money is located on the island of Yap which has been carved out of limestone with circular stones coming from several Micronesian islands. This site in the city plays a real-life role in local transactions including dowry payments and land purchases. You will find stones of variable size that rarely move.

Tamilyog Trail, Yap

Tamilyog Trail is one of the topmost attractions in the city full of trails to hike upon. Visit this area and hike this trail for a team bonding experience on a rainy day. You will find this beautiful one and a good start to your vacation. Enjoy your hike along with bamboo, and amazing plants and greenery around trails. You will find war relics on the trail marked clearly. Make sure you carry a good pair of shoes with good grip as this place is slippery in some spots, particularly if it’s raining. 

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