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AC Installation Services: Choosing the Best Location for AC Installation in the Home

Getting a new air conditioning unit for your home is a good investment. However, making use of the right AC installation services is essential. A professional HVAC technician will measure the size of your home and ensure you fit in the suitable AC unit and install it at the correct location. An incorrect AC size can lead to poor removal of humidity or issues working effectively. All these could lead to living in discomfort. Another thing to consider is finding the perfect spot for your AC installation. With a professional installer, you do not need to bother your head about this. 

AC Installation Services: Perfect Spot for AC Installation

Your installer should be able to find the perfect spot to install your air conditioning unit. Here are some tips on how the correct location will be spotted.

1. Search for a Shaded Spot

Air conditioners do not function well where there is heat. Remember that when the temperature outside is getting hotter, the AC works to keep the inside temperature cool. Therefore, installing it away from heat helps reduce working stress. A shaded location is a perfect spot for installation. It should either be installed on the north or east of your home. This will help it get natural shading from the sun even when the sun is hottest during the day. 

2. Install Near Deciduous Trees

Installing your AC close to a deciduous tree can be a good idea. However, it comes with a whole lot of responsibilities. The unit would need frequent maintenance. When it is autumn, the tree loses its leaves, and these leaves could litter the sides or top of the AC. Airflow can be restricted if the air conditioner is covered by pollen or leaves, and its efficiency would be affected. Also, sticks or twigs can disturb the AC fan rotation. So, if your AC is installed close to a tree, then be ready to follow up with the necessary maintenance routine.

3. Space with Mulch or Grass

Here is another good spot your AC installation services would prefer. Installing an air conditioner close to where there is cement or stones is not recommended. These substances radiate the sun’s heat. The heat will then increase the temperature around your AC unit, thereby increasing its working pressure. For this reason, installing around spaces with mulch and grass is excellent for AC units. Grasses and mulch do not radiate heat. You may even decide to cover the cement and stones with mulch or grass if there is no better installation spot.

4. Guide the AC from Traffic 

You may want to put a barrier or blockage around your AC unit if it is installed where there is high traffic. This will be a good idea if you have a dog or your neighbour visit frequently. You don’t want your dog to play around with the air conditioner or tamper with external components like the refrigerant line insulation or the electrical. Setting up a small fence or demarcation will help keep the air conditioner safe. 


Air conditioners need space to breathe. Also, please do not install it where maintenance services will be complex. You can always rely on expert AC installation services to get the best location for installing your air conditioner. A proper and professional installation has good and lasting benefits.