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Why Fashion Designers Are Interested in Block-Printed Kurtis


The hand-block print of India to honor the nation’s rich creative and cultural heritage, kurtis are made from carved wooden blocks dipped in brilliant colors. They have beautiful decorations like zari, gota patti, aari tari, and others. Nothing enhances a woman’s beauty more effectively than a traditional block print kurta sets.

Two well-known types of hand block printing in Rajasthan are sanganeri and bagru. Hand block printing in Sanganeri is distinct from Bagru hand block printing. Only red, black, and dark-colored bases are used for hand block printing in Bagru. On a white background, however, Sanganeri hand block printing is done. Hand block printing produces vibrant, rich prints typically imprinted on fabrics using finer designs.

These Kurtis showcase Indian culture while capturing current fashion trends’ essence. The allure of exquisite hand block prints has persuaded designers nationwide, and they frequently use them in their collections. Leading designers and fashion influencers have deemed hand-block print Kurtis, and printed suit sets a summer wardrobe need. There are a few reasons why fashion designers are paying attention to block prints:

1.  Fits Various Budgets

Kurtis with hand-block prints are extremely fashionable, comfortable, and won’t break the bank. They are available at various price points to fit any budget. You may compare brands and prices in the online block print marketplace to find the greatest deals. Online shopping can help you save money over traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

2.  Superior Quality

Hand block printing on Kurtis is done meticulously, considering the wearers’ comfort. High-quality textiles, including cotton, linen, silk, and cambric, are hand block printed on. Unlike synthetic fabrics, these materials are natural, strong, and don’t sacrifice the comfort of their consumers.

3.  Simple Maintenance and Care

Hand-block printed fabrics require little upkeep and are simple to look after. They are machine washable and don’t fast fade unless left out in the sun for a long time. When purchasing block prints, Kurtis, printed suit sets, or bottoms, be sure to search for fast colors. Use cold water to retain the vivid and bright colors used in hand-block printing.

4.  Suitable For Different Body Types

A hand-block printed chiffon suit set has the additional bonus of being universally flattering and wearable, making it popular in fashion. These Kurtis come in various styles: a-line, tail cut, c-cut, high low, dhoti style, angrakha style, and Anarkali. A person can select a style that fits their body type. A-line Kurtis features a straight fit, which gives the appearance of being slimmer.

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5.  Excellent Comfort

To fit different seasons, designers in the nation have created various Kurti styles in various fabrics. Even when the seasons change, fashion enthusiasts’ desire for a hand-block printed Kurti continues to grow. Cotton, linen, khadi, and other lightweight fabrics are ideal for the sweltering Indian summers. Additionally, they are portable and simple to tote throughout the day.

6.  Elegant and fashionable

The most important and evident factor causing hand-block printed Kurtis to gain popularity in the fashion industry is that they come in various extremely stylish designs. Block-printed kurtas and printed suit sets give us a wealth of options because of their variety of styles, shapes, and colors. These Kurtis come in every style, from the most contemporary slit design to the traditional Anarkali. These Kurtis have additional fine embellishments like zari, aari tari, zardosi, gota patti, mirror work, etc. added to them.

7.  Fits Many Events and Occasions

You can choose your prints based on the occasion, whether it’s an official appearance, a casual look, or a party look, because hand-block printed suit sets come in various patterns and styles. People dress in hand-block printed kurtas, Kurtis, and suit sets at ceremonies, rituals, and other celebrations.

8.  Simple Accessorizing

Women adore attire that makes accessorizing simple. You can wear single hue Kurti by accessorizing with vibrant, striking accessories and also beaded jewelry. You can also accessorize block-printed kurtas and elegant and fashionable hand-block print salwar suits with metal, silver, and gold jewelry.

9.  The Soul of India

Salwar suits with hand block prints exquisitely capture the spirit of traditional India and show it in the shape of lovely clothing. They give us a sense of roots and inspire a steadfast love of our traditions and culture. One might also purchase block print kurta sets online to feel more connected to India’s lively and rich culture.


For women who are fashion-conscious of all ages, block-printed chiffon suit set are the best option. They are a versatile choice because you can wear this for informal, formal, and semi-formal events. They are the ideal choice for a long day at work because they combine style and comfort. Make sure to search for true hand block prints and not power loom ones while purchasing block-printed Kurtis online. Hand-crafted block printing is never flawless, which is part of its appeal.