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Advantages Of Installing An Automatic Door

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automatic doors

Whatever the environment where they are used, an automatic door offers you many advantages over a manual one. Whatever the place where you use it, in your home, business, shop, garage, among other places, it constitutes a safe and comfortable alternative.


Sliding doors

They are very safe compared to other types of automatic doors. They are usually used in garages or in other entrances to the house, thanks to their security. They have a built-in device to detect and protect from obstacles that may arise during the path that the door travels when it opens or closes. They are ideal for frequently used sites or for wide access spaces.

Folding doors

Widely used in access points to farms, which allow to gain and optimize the available space. They have one or two sheets folded one on top of the other. In the market you can find several models.

Rolling doors

These automatic doors offer you the best optimization of space compared to the previous two. The advantage is that when they are open, when the door is rolled up, it is stored in a drum. It is made up of different panels that come together while the door is being opened.

Telescopic sliding door

Ideal for entrances with limited spaces, to separate corridors or to extend the entrance to narrow spaces. It is an elegant and comfortable solution. They are usually side or central opening doors; They are of maximum security and have an automatic opening and closing system.

Revolving doors

They are widely used in commerce, in first-rate architectural projects. They are safe, functional and particularly designed to maintain air conditioning inside buildings. They are manufactured with advanced technology, and give a particular touch of elegance and distinction wherever they are used. Its use guarantees high energy efficiency and excellent quality. They guarantee you a perfect acoustic and thermal insulation, thus avoiding temperature fluctuations and drafts.


They offer safety, comfort and time savings.

They only require a motor that is responsible for executing the opening or closing action.

In the case of automatic garage doors, they are very useful in single-family homes and neighborhood communities, due to the comfort they offer. These doors are opened or closed by remote control and the driver does not have to get out of the car to open the door and be able to enter or exit.

In the market you can find a wide variety of models, materials, colors, textures that can be perfectly integrated with any type of construction.

They offer you comfort and well-being since with the touch of a button or a step detected by the sensors, it will open or close automatically without the need for you to make any movement or physical force to push it and open it. This is particularly useful when, for example, you arrive at your building in the middle of the rain, the cold or you are heavily loaded with packages and you do not have your hands free to open a door.

They are simple to install, they are uncomplicated and the entire enclosure must not be changed in order to integrate it into the building.

Wherever you use it you can have peace of mind because they are very safe doors. Some models have remote controls with rolling access codes. With this, no intruder can have the access code as it changes frequently. Others have sensors installed to prevent accidents.

They are easier to clean and maintain than manual ones. The manufacturing materials are very easy to clean.

Why should you prefer an automatic door?

Because it is an excellent option if you want, for example, to renew your business or give it a new and dynamic air. In these cases, automatic doors are the best option.

They make your life easier by being a practical, ingenious and very functional element in the environment where you use it. You will not need to stand up to open or close a door and you will be able to concentrate on your tasks without being aware of opening it all the time.

Even if you perceive the opposite, they are an excellent economic option due to their variety and technology that they deploy, in addition, the maintenance is minimal compared to their long duration.

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