Top 10 Beautiful Lakes to Visit in Georgia with your Family

Just imagine yourself sitting by the side of a calm lake, looking at the flowing water and getting mesmerized by the vitality of Mother Nature. If you have pictured this in your mind, then surely your heart will be acing to visit a place like that as it will also be an escape from the boredom routine of your life. 

If you want to have this soothing and fantastic experience and visit Georgia’s Best Lakes, you have landed at the perfect place. Based on personal experience, this article will present a list of the best lakes in Georgia that you can visit with your family. It shares plenty of options with you to enjoy your time in available resources. 

Dams create many lakes mentioned here, and you can spend time fishing and playing water sports like swimming and kayaking. Lakes in Georgia are of different sizes, and each one of them offers a unique tranquil experience. Once you visit them, you will find solace and a connection with those places.   

List of Beautiful Lakes in Georgia 

We have done wide research on this topic, so rest assured that you will find the ideal Lake to spend quality time in. So, given below are the most beautiful lakes in Georgia that you can visit with your family.  

1. Lake Rabun

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Lake Rabun is one of the finest destinations with a family-friendly environment and proper facilities for the tourist. It is located in the Blue Ridge Mountain range with a long-isolated shoreline of 25 km spread. It is also famous as ‘the Land of Enchantment as you get to view some of the oldest mountains around it. 

This Lake offers you a lot of things to enjoy your time as you can swing in shallow water, boat, hike on nearby hills, and visit fascinating waterfalls. Its surface area is 834 acres and can store 21,900 acre-feet of water. 

It is an artificial lank created by a dam to cultivate the nearby land. Some additional information about Lake Rabun is that its average depth is 28 feet, and the maximum depth is 120 feet, so one should be careful while advancing in this Lake.  

2. Tallulah Falls Lake

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Tallulah Falls Lake, also known as one of the seven natural wonders of Georgia, is truly a place worth visiting. It has multiple enthralling hiking spots like Gorge Floor Trail. 

You can spectate the captivating Bridal Veil Falls up close while hiking on that spot. This Lake has a shoreline of 5.8 km and a reservoir of 63 acres. For the sake of fun water release events take place each year that allow you to raft on this Lake’s high waves. 

3. Lake Lanier

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Lake Lanier, a perfect picnic spot, is the largest Lake in Georgia by size as it has a shoreline of 692 miles and is widespread across 39000 miles. It is truly heaven for family-friendly tourism with 50 parking points, and 23 of them are dedicated to swimming. 

This beach is a perfect resort because of its sandy beaches with scenic sunsets. While it has all such catchy scenes, this place has a dark history as 200 people have died there since 1994 doing swimming and boating. Ozark, a Netflix season with a high death count, was also filmed on this island. 

4. Lake Oconee/Lake Sinclair

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Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair are two breathtaking lakes joined by a river. These lakes are covered by densely forest hills that add to their beauty with a shoreline of 400 km with local boat ramps and tailrace fishing. 

It is an all-in-one family tourism location with gift shops, picnic areas, vibrantly blue waters, and on-site lodging. Plus, lakes cover a surface area of 15330 acres and can store 330000 acre-feet of water.  

5. Seed Lake

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Seed is one of the most miniature lakes in Georgia, located with a shoreline of 13 miles and 240 acres of reservoirs. It is located in Rabun County, the northwestern part of Georgia. Despite its limited area, it is a popular destination because you can camp, fish and boat there even on a limited-time trip. 

Moreover, it is surrounded by dense forest and offers additional hiking and exploration options. The key locations are only a seven-minute drive away from the Lake Rabun Hotel, which has fantastic scenery. 

Seed Association, Inc. is a volunteer organization that looks after these sites’ affairs, and you can golf in their dedicated clubs. It strives to keep the environment safe, clean, secure, and friendly for tourist families. 

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6. Lake Allatoona

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Lake Allatoona provides drinking water to the local inmates as it is one of the cleanest lakes in Georgia. It is an extensive reservoir of 12000 acres and a shoreline of 270 miles. Most tourists prefer this location because of the entertainment and recreational opportunities. 

For instance, it has playgrounds, picnic areas, and swimming beaches, and you can explore them by buying or renting a boat. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers accomplishes Lake Allatoona and its shore.

7. Lake Burton

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Lake Burton, the largest water reservoir in Rabun County, Georgia, is famous as a treasure trove of fish as you can catch spotted bass, rainbow trout, black crappie, and largemouth bass. It is ideal for watersports like rafting, tubing, swimming, skiing, and paddle boarding. 

It is the first Lake in the six lake series called the Tallulah River Watershed, and it contains Camp High Harbor, an attractive summer youth destination. Lake Rabun Hotel and Restaurant are situated there for dining and lodging. 

8. Lake Seminole

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Lake Seminole is a popular fishing and recreation destination for experienced fishers and expert anglers. The place is filled with great breathtaking views with a grass bed, making it an optimum location for hybrid, striped, largemouth, and white bass. There are also large numbers of crappie, catfish, and bream. 

There are various boat launch points on Lake Seminole for a relaxing day on the water. Lake Seminole is a great place to visit, even if you are not a fisherman. The Lake spans 37,500 acres and is shared by Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Because the Seminole Native Americans inhabited the region thousands of years ago, the Lake’s name refers to them.

9. Lake Blackshear

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Lake Blackshear borders five counties of Georgia, and various popular restaurants and golf clubs surround it. It provides numerous recreational activities and water sports like skiing, boating, trophy fishing, and swimming. 

The most attractive element is the middle Georgia Pine forest that eases one’s mind. The restaurants around it are designed to satisfy the needs of families for an unforgettable experience. 

10. Walter F. George Lake

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Walter F. George Lake is considered the best Lake in Georgia and the ‘Big bass Capital.’ Walter F. George artificially created this Lake, and Dam extends for 85 miles along the Chattahoochee River. 

Being the best bass capital, it is a highly populated location for year-round fishing. It has 13 Corps of Engineer day-use parks with four campgrounds at Walter F. Lake, making it the best vocational point for your family to enjoy fishing and camping.  

In a Nutshell 

As discussed earlier, Georgia is known for its heavenly freshwater lakes and tourist spots. Each Lake offers numerous but unique recreational activities that will make your trip worth remembering. 

So, if you plan to visit a lake in Georgia at any time of the year, this article will guide you as it mentions the ideal destinations for your family.