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Best Places To Visit Near Udaipur

With Udaipur taxi service at your disposal and its Udaipur sightseeing package taxi tours, let’s visit some neighboring areas of Udaipur that you haven’t seen or heard of yet after having thoroughly visited Udaipur.

The Best places to visit near Udaipur are:

1. Delwara

Only 26 kilometers separate Delwara in Rajasthan’s Udaipur from it. Delwara, which has a long and significant history, is well known for the Palera Talab Lake, the life-size statue of King Mansingh III, the 900-year-old Parshwanath Ji Bhagavan Temple, and other attractions. The courageous Jhala Rajputs previously dominated this town, which is rich in culture.

2. Alsigarh

Alsigarn, one of the nicest and least visited places in the Udaipur district, is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. It overflows with unspoiled beauty, luxuriant vegetation, and views of the Aravallis. The village will take you back in time and is best visited during the monsoon when nature is at its most vibrant. It is the ideal natural hideaway in Udaipur.

3. Haldighati

Rajsamand District pride. The location is well-known all throughout the world for the valiant actions of the great Maharana Pratap. Udaipur is 44 kilometers away. It is tucked away in the Aravali mountain range. Haldighati is the name of a small, hilly area with a hue of turmeric that was crucial in preserving the reputation of the Mewar dynasty. The historical landmark Haldighati is well-known for Maharana Pratap’s valor. 40 kilometers away from the city of Udaipur,

4. Rajsamand

The little hamlet of Rajsamand is situated 67 kilometers north of Udaipur, which is currently a well-liked location for destination weddings. Its name comes from the second-largest artificial lake in the world, Rajsamand Lake, which bears the same name. In addition to the well-known historical structures of Kumbhalgarh and Haldighati, the location has religious significance for various sects. The temple of Shrinathji, the foremost god of the Vaishnav community, is located here. Rajsamand is also home to the Dwarkadhish temple, which is said to contain a miraculous idol.

5. Badi Lake

There are several lakes in Lake Badi Udaipur, but this one you might not be familiar with (not many tourists do). About 30 minutes west of Udaipur, on the edge of the Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary, is where Lake Badi is located (where the Monsoon Palace is perched atop a hill). It was created by Maharana Raj Singh I in the 17th century to fight terrible famine and drought. It is ideal to visit the lake in the early morning or just before nightfall. For a breathtaking view, it is best to ascend the Bahubali hills’ hiking track. The landscape is unusual since it is covered in tall wild cactus trees. The lake can also be circled by car or bicycle.

6. Jaisamand Lake

The second-largest man-made lake in the nation, after Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar, is also referred to as Dhebar Lake. The Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to several migrating birds and unique species, surrounds it. A stunning backdrop is also provided by the Udaipur royal family’s vacation palaces. If you’re seeking for car rental services in Udaipur, you’ve come to the right place because Udaipur taxi services offers both rental and taxi services to suit your needs. Make the most of this brief trip by making it beautiful and unforgettable for you and your loved ones.

7. Kumbhalgarh

a castle situated in Rajasthan’s Rajasmand district’s Aravalli Range. The second-largest fort in India after Chittorgarh Fort is the Merwar stronghold Kumbhalgarh, which is also a World Heritage Site.The fort’s walls cover an area of nearly 12 square kilometers, making them one of the longest walls in the world—second only to China’s Great Wall in length. Don’t pass up the foot tracking and horse safari planned in the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary if you’re looking for some adventure. The safari travels through the sanctuary as it makes its way from the Kumbhalgarh Fort to Ghanerao. This safari’s biggest feature is the potential to see antelopes, chinkaras, and nilgais.

8. Ranakpur 

a little, charming village tucked away in Rajasthan’s remote Aravali Valley. It is a significant destination for Jain pilgrims and is located in the Pali district, some 96 kilometers north of Udaipur. A rare sight in Rajasthan, the area offers a unique landscape of luxuriant greenery and gushing streams. Ranakpur has earned a spot on the list of Rajasthan’s must-visit locations because of its rich culture and abundance of mesmerizing beauty. Rana Kumbha, who provided some land for the location, is honored by the name. In Jainism, there are numerous magnificently constructed temples honoring many Tirthankaras, including Adinatha, Parasnath, and Chaumukha Temple.

9. Mahi Dam

Water and mountains: what else can be a better spot for a family picnic? The Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam, the second-largest in Rajasthan, was constructed on the Mahi River. The dam, which is 158 kilometers from Udaipur, serves as a significant water and hydroelectricity source for Rajasthan in addition to being a popular tourist destination. You can enjoy a small picnic near the waterside with your family.

10. Nathdwara

“The Gateway of the Lord” is another name for the charming village of Nathdwara, which is tucked away in the Aravalli Hills. Rajasthan’s geographic center is where it is situated along the Banas River’s banks, which is a very picturesque location. Additionally, it is a revered Hindu site that receives thousands of visitors each year. The “Pichwai Paintings” of Nathdwara, which are traditional Rajasthani-style terracotta sculptures and paintings, are well-known. It is regarded as the center for traditional arts, crafts, and antiquities. The name of this town, Nathdwara, which means “Gateway to Shrinathji,” derives from the well-known shrine. With so many alternatives available to guests, this place is regarded as a food lover’s paradise.

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