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What Is the Best Type of Glue Or Adhesive to Use for Sew-In Hair Extensions?

There are lots of adhesives on the market that ladies use to hold down their hair extensions lest the wind or an erring tree branch exposes the reality under cover. It’s particularly hilarious (and heartbreaking!) to see passersby struggling to catch and run away with a fallen wig or even a flying piece of weft just because it’s 100% human hair extension. 

Everyone knows original human hair extensions and Wigs are very expensive, and fast guys won’t spare any fly-about human hair. That’s why you’ve got to secure your precious hair extensions, whether it’s a sew-in or glue-in, with strong adhesives. 

But perhaps you need to know the best glue for sew-in extensions so you can choose wisely. There’s a broad range, from cream adhesives to gels. And many of them can hold sew-in hair extensions in place for weeks before loosening up. 

Find below some of the popularly used brands for giving sew-in hair extensions the proper finish. 

Keratin Glue 

Keratin is a substance found to exist naturally on the scalp. Keratin glue is an adhesive protein that is used to hold down artificial hair on the head. As Keratin occurs naturally on the skin, using Keratin glue on sew-in hair extensions is very safe and will not damage your own hair. 

Ghost Bond

Ghost Bond is a hair extensions glue produced by Pro Hair Labs. This artificial hair adhesive is water resistant, and can be used by people who perspire a lot and in humid climates. This hair extensions glue brand contains neither latex nor toxic chemicals. 

Proclaim Super Bond

Proclaiming a brand of hair extensions glue is also very popular. It comes in a squeezable bottle with a tiny tip so you would have a no-messy clean application. Proclaim can last long keeping the hair extension in place. 

Salon Pro 

Got2B Glued 

Salon Pro is one of the leading brands of hair extensions glue that stylish ladies can use to finish the installation of their sew-in hair extensions. It’s an anti-fungus hair adhesive and it makes for a smooth and clean installation that can last you for weeks. 

Got2B brand of glue is equally a known brand as their product makes for a professionally finished installation. This product is a freeze spray that dries instantly and lasts for longer. And it does not leave visible residues. So you are sure to have a trendy glamorous sew-in installation with Got2B Glued hair extensions adhesives. 

NITRIP Anti-allergy Gel

NITRIP is a hair bonding gel that also treats skin allergy and fungus infections. This hair bond does not have irritating odour and can be applied on sensitive skin. It’s easy and clean to use as it also has a tiny tip from where the bonding gel is applied without making a mess. 

There are several other hair extensions adhesives out there for different types of Hair Texture too. You only need to do a thorough research so you’ll be able to choose the product that will best work for you and still give you the best bonding effect without causing any damage to your hair and scalp. 

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