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What is the best VPN to watch Disney Plus in 2021?

Disney Plus is the new online content platform that hit the US market in November 2019 and its premiere in Spain was on March 31, 2020. It works like Netflix, but its content is exclusively from Disney, so you can enjoy, for example, Marvel’s UCM exclusively, thanks to Disney streaming.

Surely you have heard about the series that will be released soon and exclusively for Disney plus VPN, such as the Winter Soldier series, or the Scarlet Witch series. In addition, you can also enjoy National Geographic documentaries from your favorite device, be it a computer, an Apple TV or a SmartTV.

To know how to watch Disney Plus on TV from Spain you will not need anything else, but if you are outside of Spain or want to see the catalog of where to watch Disney Plus from another country you will need a Disney plus VPN that allows you to simulate that you are in another country. In other words, you can use a Disney plus VPN for router and the Disney + Streaming service will be available anywhere.

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re wondering how to watch Disney plus VPN in 2021 or what to see on Disney plus, right? Because you know what is good, and you want to access a catalog of more than 500 films, the most exclusive releases and everything related to Marvel Studios.

How can I watch Disney + Streaming with a Disney plus VPN?

The easiest way to watch Disney plus series is through a Disney plus VPN, an online service that allows you to access restricted or blocked web pages in the country from where you connect, among other functionalities. If what you want to find out is how to watch Disney Plus, a Disney plus VPN will give you the possibility to enjoy the service without any problem.

If I had to recommend a Disney plus VPN, I would definitely choose Express VPN. I know it is a subjective opinion but I guarantee that it is one of the best Disney plus VPNs on the global market. It has a free version and trial periods that will allow you to enjoy watching Disney plus and watching its best movies without spending a penny.

You’re probably wondering what a Disney plus VPN does, especially if you didn’t know what it was. Using a VPN you hide your IP address with that of the VPN, that is, for the web you visit, you will be connecting to it from the country of the VPN server. This opens a range of possibilities when it comes to enjoying exclusive content from countries other than yours.

Disney + Streaming offers global accounts

In the USA you can already see most of how to watch Disney Plus series and movies, but in other parts of the world, as is the case in Spain, we still do not have access to them. That’s because no matter where your account is from, the content will be available depending on the country you are connecting from.

That means that even though you have used your email to create a US account, in order to enjoy US content you must connect from that country. If you connect from another location, you will only be able to access the content that is available, if any.

The same is true for an American user of Disney Streaming, who has created an account in his country. If this user travels to a country that does not have the same content, while they are there, they will not be able to access the catalog of the Disney Plus series from the USA.

Use Disney plus VPN to unblock content on the platform

Streaming content platforms, not just like watching Disney plus Spanish, have access to the geographical location or geolocation of their users. This means that Disney + Streaming knows the area you are accessing from and can restrict the content that you can view through your IP address , which is public if you are not using a Disney Plus VPN. By using a Disney plus VPN, you can access content in the country of your choice, as your IP will be masked with the IP of the server you connect to. Of course, keep in mind that if that country from which you connect has any restricted content, you will not be able to access it.

As a user, you have to find out if your favorite series is restricted or not in the country you want to connect to. The Star Wars saga is not restricted in the United States, and The Mangalorean is an original Disney plus series that is causing a sensation in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, countries that already enjoy Disney Streaming. So choosing a server from one of these 3 countries would be a good option.

What is the best VPN to watch Disney Streaming in Spain?

Currently, there are many providers that will help you to see different Disney plus VPNs, and with the rise of streaming platforms the competition has increased considerably.   Everyone wonders which is the best Disney plus VPN, but it is somewhat difficult to answer, as there are many external factors that can make some VPNs work better for you than others in order to enjoy Disney + Streaming.

Each VPN offers different features depending on the plan you choose and, above all, how much you are willing to pay. Now, they all give access to Disney + Streaming, and are available for download in Spain.

In short, you need a VPN that is very fast as well as simple. A VPN with a good, intuitive interface that allows you to browse privately in a few clicks.
Here are a few options, although if you want my personal recommendation, for me the best is Express VPN, which stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. And also, you have a 30-day trial period to finish convincing you. Thus, you can try Express VPN for a month and enjoy Disney + Streaming content without spending any money before making the final decision. In addition, it offers very competitive plans that adapt to the needs of each user.
But hey, since I don’t want to recommend just one VPN, these are the best ways to watch Disney plus VPN that I recommend:

Why use a VPN to watch Disney + Streaming in Spain?

Let’s see, while watching Disney + through a VPN is the best way to bypass the geographical restriction, it also adds an extra privacy and security to the user, both things are also very important for most people who surf the internet.
Disney plus VPNs have a key service to improve your privacy: they protect your browsing data by encrypting it with security protocols and sending it to the outgoing server through a virtual tunnel. In this way, your data will be safe from snoopers and you will be able to browse in complete safety.

A VPN is a very useful tool for Internet users, and these days they are gaining popularity by ensuring greater security when surfing the net. They offer several functionalities, but for what we want, they stand out above all these that I am going to highlight:

Full Access

Using a Disney plus VPN, you can unblock any type of content anytime, anywhere in the world. It is extremely useful if you have a Disney + streaming account from the USA and want to watch American content from Spain.


And it is not only reduced to Disney + Streaming, but also to the other Streaming platforms. You will be able to navigate without restriction through web pages blocked in your country.

Browse anonymously

Thousands of people around the world are uncomfortable with companies being able to locate their location and would like to keep their information private. A good VPN hides your IP address and all your movements on the internet. Also, if you want to, passwords and search histories will not be stored. Most VPNs take the privacy and anonymity of their users very seriously, so you can rest easy on this part.

Using a Disney plus VPN also protects you from hackers and spy companies that can use the information in your browsing data against you. If you are not interested in having some snooping company filter your browsing data to profit from it, using a VPN is undoubtedly the best option you have.

In summary

The launch of the Disney Streaming service was one of the most anticipated of 2019, but unfortunately, many Spaniards were disappointed to learn that they could not access how to watch Disney Plus series until the end of March 2020. Surely you are one of them, it is not true? Fortunately, using a Disney plus VPN allows us to enjoy the Disney Streaming service without problems. And not only will you enjoy how to watch Disney Plus series from Spain, but we can also unlock content from anywhere in the world at any time.

And so far my article on how to unblock Disney + Streaming with VPN Disney Plus in 2021. As you have seen, it is quite simple. I hope it has been useful to you and I hope you can find more answers to your questions in my next articles. Stay tuned!

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