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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the talk of growing and changing of the world which are defined as the sets of methodologies and concepts to improve decision making with the use of facts-based systems in business.

In Business Intelligence, the main is to improve decision making in business analysis and ideas. In Business intelligence, for making any decision gut feelings and analytics are used. 

Business Intelligence is very important as it uses data science, services and technologies to make valuable insights from raw data. Data has become very important as all companies are reliant on them. For Modern industries, Business Intelligence has become very important and hence the demand of business intelligence is increasing largely. 

In this article, we will see the average salaries of various business intelligence jobs. By seeing the salaries of business intelligence jobs, you will get to know how lucrative this domain is.

What is the Average Salary of Business Intelligence Analyst?

 In US, Average salary of a business intelligence analyst is $93k per annum. In this role, Pay depends on the company you work and the skills that you have. As a Business Intelligence Analyst it is very easy to earn six-figure salary as various companies offers six-figure salary in this domain. DTE Energy, Credit Karma, Twitter and Uline are some of the companies who offer higher packages for business Intelligence Analyst.

The most important skill to have in business intelligence is Node.js. Because the business intelligence analysts who have skills of node.js earn 92% more than the average pay. It is easier to find a job of business intelligence analyst when you have skills of node.js as jobs have increased by 120% for this skill since 2018. 

Other Skills, which gives high pay in this domain are database development, data warehouse and requirement gatherings.

Washington, California, Texan, Austin, Seattle are the cities which offer the highest packages to the business intelligence analysts. The Average salary of Business Intelligence Analyst in California and San Francisco is $108k per annum while in Washington and Seattle is $109k. 

What is the Average Salary of Senior Business Intelligence Analyst?

After Working as the Business intelligence analyst for some time, you can become senior business analyst. In US, the average salary for a senior business intelligence analyst is $110k per annum. The pay in this domain is totally depended on the company for which you work. McKesson, Alameda Alliance, Spectrum and USAA are the top companies which give highest salaries to senior business intelligence analyst.

The Salary of this role varies from location to location. New York gives the best packages for this role. In New York, the average salary of a senior Business Intelligence analyst is $155k per annum. While, In Washington Austin, Bellevue, Texan, the senior business intelligence analysts earn $130K per annum. 

What is the Average Salary of Business Intelligence Manager?

In US, The Average Salary of Business Intelligence Manager is $87k per annum. Most of the works of Business Intelligence manager are in tech and data analytics companies. Demand of this domain is increasing in various sectors also as the companies are becoming data-driven. Verizon, Spectrum, Cisco, Kroll, etc. are the companies who give highest salaries to business intelligence manager.

Cities like San Jose, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Atlanta gives the most attractive packages for domain. The Pay in this role is changes from city to city. The Average income of business intelligence in Atlanta is$129k per annum while in San Jose its $144k and in Washington DC its $137 per annum.

How to pursue a career in this field?

Business Intelligence sector is one of the most lucrative sectors. Through business Intelligence, you can easily get a high salary job if you have the skills. If you want to learn business intelligence you can join our Master of science in data science program. Learning right skill is important as it helps in the acceleration of career growth.

More about Course:

The Master of science in Data Science program gives 50+ case studies, 500+ hours of study materials and projects. The case study is to test your knowledge about the concepts that were studied in this program. The Case Study also helps in determining the strengths and weekness of students.  

For Companies to improve their productivity, market strategies and growth plans, Business Intelligence has become very important.  

Business Intelligence

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