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gojek clone app

Gojek Clone App is the real deal and entrepreneurs know it! It is 24 karat pure Gold and there’s no denying in it. So, we both are on the same page – Launch Custom Gojek Clone App right away! But how are we going to go about it? Would you buy a pre-built app from a reputed white-labelling firm or code your way through it by investing a decade-worth of your time before you can even think of Beta-testing it.

If you have at least a quarter of a million US Dollars to invest, then let me help you build Apps like Gojek in an authentic and ethical way!

a.       Deep-thinking and Ground-breaking research

I want you to clearly chart out all the different types and genres of services you wish to provide your customers with your fully-customizable app. Now determine your target audience and delineate the area where your services will be in great demand. If you are in Thailand and launch your app without the two-wheeler MotoRide option, you are off to an awfully loss-bearing start because two-wheelers are the fastest and the most commonly used on-demand ride in this south-east Asian country.

b.       Hire genuine and hardworking Delivery Drivers

Delivery Drivers are the well-connected and deeply nourished veins of the system through which all the on-demand services get fulfilled. They are an extremely crucial element of your on-demand businesses’ survival. Hence it becomes imperative that you as an entrepreneur invest in them and mould them into Professional Delivery Executives. Entrepreneurs need to be well-versed with the nuances of this industry before jumping right into it. Study the market trend and gauge the direction of demand towards which service and provide that as well.

c.        Build your network with the Service Providers

Identify key Service Providers of your area and approach them one by one with the intent to collaborate with them for your on-demand multi-services App. Make a business deal with them wherein you’ll provide them the platform to render their services online and in return they’ll pay you a certain percentage of the revenue generated as commission. Your app should have a strong portfolio of Doctors, Physiotherapists, and Masseuse and not to forget to reel in electricians, plumbers, car mechanics, yoga instructors and fitness coaches. But before that get pharmacies, restaurants, and grocery stores on board because they supply what we call “essential goods”.

Now you have all the essential ingredients to make your Gojek Clone App profitable from day one, but wait, do you even have the App yet? And how are you planning to get it?

There are two ways to go about it. First, buy a pre-built app from an authentic and reputed white-labelling firm launch a fully-functional app in just under a weeks’ time. And the second way is the long process of coding the software on your own which will be time-consuming and money draining.

And if you choose the second way, then

Your stars would be in your favor if you are a coder yourself and want to become an entrepreneur because then you no longer have to hire a coder and pay him for the task that you yourself can do. But even then, it will at least take you at least 8-10 years to build an app of such expertise and precision. That too if you get it right in the first attempt itself without any bugs or malfunctioning.

Why is it going to take that long?

White-labelling firms with global repute of an authentic app developer itself had taken four years to make Gojek Clone App from scratch, And that too with the help of 16 App Developers and four Project Managers who had worked on this project round the clock.

Okay! So you don’t want to do it alone and instead decide to hire a team of professionals!

You need Android Developers, an iOS Developer, a PHP Expert, a Systems Analyst, a Database Analyst, a Content Writer, a Quality Assessment Expert and a Project Manager. They all are crucial to build essential components of the App such as User Android App, User iOS App, Service Provider Android App, Service Provider iOS App, Store App, Website and Admin Panel.

Now you have got to pay them! Every month! And beware of other infrastructural costs!

These are highly skilled professionals with years of experience under their hood, so you can’t even think of paying them in peanuts. They’ll draw a big fat salary from you every month! And add to that the massive Office space that you’d be renting and shelling out money on. And I haven’t calculated the cost of the software that your professionals will need to function. You have to write big cheques to use such high-end and sophisticated software!

And say, after seven long years you have got it right! Now you have to test the functionality of the app before launching it!

Six months of intense beta-testing followed by Market-testing that will easily take a couple of years more before you can even think of launching it.


Save your precious time by buying a ready-made Gojek Clone App from a highly reputable white-labelling firm. When you browse through the Reviews section on their website, you will be blown away with such phenomenal positive feedback they have gotten from their global clientele. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to make money even whilst dreaming at night in deep sleep, then this App is worthy of your time and investment. Because the App Owner earns Commission on every single order placed through this app. This app offers 70 plus on-demand services online through one single platform. Take destiny in your own hands and launch your custom made app in just under a weeks’ time.

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