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cleft lip surgery

The Goal of cleft lip surgery

A cleft lip is an abnormality of mouth and lip from birth and occurs during an early stage of pregnancy during fetal development when the lip and roof of the mouth do not fuse together as they have to. Boys are more prone to cleft lip in comparison to girls.  In this condition, the roof of the child’s mouth does not close completely, and that leaves an opening that can also extend to nasal activity. The degree of the condition can vary from mild to severe. There are many names given to the condition as per the location and lip involvement in the cleft lip.

The main aim of cleft lip surgery is to repair the separation of the lip and is done between three to six months of age. Throughout the first few months, your child is continuously monitored in terms of adequate weight as well as nutrition and to ensure that there will be no issues in terms of breathing while eating. In many cases having the cleft lip, the issue can be prepared within the initial months, and your child’s surgeon totally takes the decision. In a few cases, a second surgery is required.  It is considered as the complicated surgery and is performed when the child can tolerate it. The main aim of the operation is to fix the roof of the mouth so that your kid can eat and talk normally. There are three common kinds of cleft-lip listed below:

  • Cleft lip without a cleft palate
  • Cleft palate without a cleft lip
  • Cleft lip and cleft palate together

Causes of cleft lip

The leading cause of cleft lip is still unknown as it could be caused because of multiple genes which may be inherited from both the parents and environmental factors. the symptoms of this condition are easily recognizable during the thorough first check-up of the infant ‘s physician. The degree of abnormality can vary as per the child.

Problems linked with cleft lip

There are many problems faced by the child having a cleft lip . some are listed below:

  • Feeding problems like infants cannot suck; milk goes into a nasal way.
  •  Kid face teething problems like missing teeth, cavities, malnutrition of teeth.
  • Kids can face speech problems like nasal voice, development of nodules, the proper pronunciation of words
  • Ear infection as cleft lip are prone to middle ear infection.
  • Kids can face hearing loss
  • Pysicilogial problems like-sounding different

After cleft lip surgery

It is normal for your child to be irritated after the surgery, and many medications are also prescribed by the child’s surgeon to heal it. Stitches will automatically dissolve, or else it has to be removed in many cases in about five to seven days following the surgery. The surgeon will describe to you, your child’s condition, and will also tell you how your kid will feel or react after the cleft lip surgery. He/she will also let you know how to feed your child properly following the operation. The scar will gradually fade but will not disappear completely. After the surgery, your child will have stitches on the upper lip along with the nose, and it is normal to experience swelling, blood, or bruising all around these stitches.

Cleft lip surgery cost in India

Cleft lip Surgery cost in India ranges between USD 2200 to USD 3000. The success rates of cleft lip surgery in India is 99 percent. Below are top doctors for cleft lip surgery treatment in India :

  1. Dr K Ramachandran having 30 years of experience
  2. Dr Charu Sharma has 15 years of experience
  3. Dr A. Sivakumar having 24 years of experience
  4. Dr Kannan Prema having 14 years of experience

Diet and activity after cleft lip surgery

After the surgery your surgeon will allow you to breastfeed, bottle-feed or else cup feed your child as he/she will be on the soft diet for about ten days . in case of older infants and children surgeon will allow soft foods according to age counting yogurt, mashed potatoes, gelatin, etc. you child will be allowed to play and walk calmly but should not run or rough play in any case. The surgeon will advise you to take care of your child and will let you know when your child plays as per their daily routine.

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