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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Remodeling a Kitchen

The most important room in your home is the kitchen because it is the center of all the activities of your family’s day-to-day living. Other than some scrumptious meals the kitchen is where memories are made. Family, friends, and guests normally tend to collect around the kitchen during a party.

With the quarantine and lockdown taking over our lives for the past year, everyone pretty much has developed a deep interest in their home’s favorite room. The kitchen has become the most used room with many people turning into home chefs.

Your kitchen is the most functional space of your house and remodeling it requires a lot of effort. Everything is an option. It is not necessary that just because you want to do something in your kitchen you should go for remodeling.

A customized kitchen remodeling will increase the efficiency, functioning, value, and enjoyment of your house. There are so many online sites that offer remodeling designs that you can visit now to check. By the time your remodeling is complete, you will have more cabinet space, state-of-the-art appliances, natural stone countertops, and a new look place for dinners and hosting guests.

Importance of kitchen in our homes

Kitchens are for cooking. 

We all have fond memories of our mothers slaving over the stove working tirelessly, preparing delicious and nutritious meals for the family. Sometimes children were told to stay away from the kitchen as it was the mother’s workplace.  

As the child grows they are encouraged to join and learn the art of cooking thus creating memories of a lifetime. Kitchens are not quiet places. They are filled with energy, aroma, and texture.

Over the years kitchens started to become more of a living space where more time was spent than just doing the cooking. Newer homes were designed to better accommodate family and friends as additional space.  

Many of the kitchens started opening up to other rooms, yet they remained separate spaces. The newer, larger kitchens started having space for large tables, and islands were planned so that a natural flow was maintained for those coming and going.

More thought was given to the designs and functions of the kitchen with the idea of the kitchen becoming a living space gaining popularity than smaller kitchens found in older homes. Owners started to change and enlarge their own kitchen spaces to follow the trend for lifestyle and resale purposes say Newport Beach Plumber Services.

Today the kitchen has several areas within. There is the designated cooking space carefully planned and laid out known as the kitchen area. Then there is a dining area usually large enough to hold a table and in some large kitchens, there is a sitting area so that the whole family can hang out together while cooking.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Remodelling a Kitchen

Most homeowners spend a huge amount on kitchen remodels. It is a huge financial commitment and so it is important that the outcome is good and your money does not get wasted.

Unfortunately, many homeowners make costly mistakes during the remodeling of their kitchen that leaves them less satisfied when the works get completed. Here are some of the common mistakes that are made during the remodeling of a kitchen.

® Choosing fragile things – Somethings look pretty and that does not mean that it enhances the looks of your kitchen because looks can be deceiving. Make sure to choose durable materials for your kitchen. Limestone may look beautiful but it is unsafe for water rings. Marble causes etching and staining. Recycled glass countertops look sleek but they will chip and crack much easier. Quartz is a good option if you are someone who does not want problems.

® Not setting priorities – Before you go for a remodeling think about the needs and those of your family. You should be clear about your lifestyle, the needs of all of you in the family, and absolute must-haves. Work out on how many hours are spent in the kitchen and how much storage is needed. What electrical applicants you need the most and how should waste be treated. If there are little children priorities should be given. If all these can be worked out then selection would be easier.

® Not giving importance to the kitchen – A mistake commonly done is letting all the natural light flow only into the living room and bedroom and ignoring it when it comes to the kitchen. Remember the kitchen is the place where the most light should be received as this is where we spend many hours cooking. It should be taken into consideration that the kitchen is the same as the rest of the house. 

® Giving importance to visuals rather than functionality – A big mistake made during the remodeling of the kitchen is prioritizing design over functionality. Ensure that your floor designs are stain and moisture resistant and can be easily cleaned. Choose specially designed wallpapers for the humid areas and select a countertop that can withstand heat, odors, and any other spills in the kitchen.

® Forgetting the present architecture – Consider the height of the windows, false ceilings, depth of the partitions, the girders, etc while redesigning your kitchen. It is essential to take into account the passage ducts also. Do not make a hasty decision of choosing finishes, colors, or products that would look odd in the existing designs.

® Choosing to make the kitchen into the living room – This is one of the most frequent mistakes being done over the years and success which only a few people have made to meet all the requirements. Creating a feeling of spaciousness in small houses or apartments with an open plan has some disadvantages too. The noises of the dishes being cleaned, the humming of the refrigerator, the smells from the kitchen all have their interferences into the living room. An open kitchen should always be pristine and clean at all times as it is connected to the most social space of the house.

® Choosing the wrong configuration – We tend to configure the kitchen based on the furniture and appliances that we use in the kitchen. But we do not view the technical aspects of these appliances.  We do not check how much ventilation they require, the minimum heights, water or electrical installations, diameters of smoke exits, etc. Ensure that all water outlets and connections are properly taken care of by Newport Beach Plumber services.

Whatever the mistakes you make, be careful because eventually, it is you who has to handle the kitchen and work there deliciously.


The kitchen is said to be the heart of the house. Most of us believe that this is true too. Whether the kitchen is small or large, it is the hub of the house. This is where meals are created fuelling our body, mind, and souls. Some say that life is created in the bedroom but it is certainly lived in the kitchen. So take care and redesign it giving a lot of thought and priority to live a food-filled life! You can visit this link for your kitchen and give a relaxed thought before you decide on its remodeling.

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