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Common Pests and How Mortar Insecticides Can Help Combat Them

In agriculture, safeguarding crops against pests is a constant battle. From tiny aphids to menacing caterpillars, pests can wreak havoc on crops, leading to significant losses for farmers. However, with the right strategies and tools, such as insecticides, farmers can effectively combat these pests and protect their yields. At Dhanuka Agritech, we understand the importance of pest management in agriculture and offer a range of innovative insecticides to help farmers defend their crops. Let’s explore some of the most common pests in agriculture and how insecticides can help combat them.

1. Aphids:

Aphids are small, sap-sucking insects that can quickly multiply and infest crops, causing stunted growth and deformation. Our insecticides containing systemic action can effectively target aphids, disrupting their feeding habits and preventing further damage to crops.

2. Caterpillars:

Caterpillars, the larval stage of moths and butterflies, are notorious for their voracious appetite and ability to devour entire crops. Our insecticides with contact and stomach poison action can provide quick and efficient control of caterpillars, minimising crop damage and ensuring healthy yields.

3. Whiteflies:

Whiteflies are tiny insects that feed on plant sap, leading to yellowing, wilting, and eventual death of the affected plants. Our insecticides offer translaminar and systemic action, allowing them to penetrate plant tissues and target whiteflies effectively, even on the undersides of leaves where they often reside.

4. Thrips:

Thrips are slender, winged insects that feed on plant sap, causing stippling, discolouration, and deformation of leaves and flowers. Dhanuka’s  insecticides with rapid knockdown action can swiftly eliminate thrips, preventing further damage and promoting healthy crop growth.

5. Leafhoppers:

Leafhoppers are agile insects that feed on plant sap, leading to stunted growth, leaf curling, and yellowing of leaves. Dhanuka’s insecticides offer broad-spectrum control, targeting leafhoppers and other sucking pests, while also providing residual activity to protect crops from future infestations.

How Dhanuka’s Mortar Insecticides Can Help:

  • Superior Japanese Technology: Mortar insecticides are formulated with superior Japanese technology, ensuring high efficacy and performance.
  • Unique NTX Mode of Action: Dhanuka’s Mortar features a unique NTX Mode of Action, offering ovicidal, larvicidal, and adulticidal action against target pests, ensuring excellent control.
  • Central Nervous System Attack: It attacks the central nervous system of insects, causing paralysis and ultimately leading to their demise.
  • Systemic, Contact, and Translaminar Action: It offer systemic, contact, and translaminar action, ensuring complete protection against pests at all stages of their life cycle.
  • Benefits: It breaks insect resistance, making them excellent for resistance management. They are safe for beneficial insects, compatible with commonly used insecticides and fungicides, and ultimately lead to higher yields and increased income for farmers.
  • Efficacy Against Multiple Pests: It offer broad-spectrum control, effectively targeting a wide range of pests beyond just the common ones mentioned earlier.
  • Long-lasting Residual Activity: This insecticides provide long-lasting residual activity, offering prolonged protection against pest infestations even after application.
  • Ease of Application: They are easy to apply, whether through spraying, drenching, or seed treatment, making them convenient for farmers.
  • Rainfastness: Mortar insecticides exhibit excellent rain fastness, remaining effective even after rainfall or irrigation, ensuring continuous pest control.
  • Environmental Compatibility: Mortar insecticides are environmentally compatible, with formulations that minimize adverse effects on non-target organisms and ecosystems.
  • Safety: Mortar insecticides are safe for use in integrated pest management (IPM) strategies, allowing farmers to adopt sustainable pest control practices while preserving beneficial insects.
  • Enhanced Crop Health: By controlling pest populations, Mortar insecticides contribute to improved crop health, leading to vigorous growth, increased tolerance to stress, and ultimately higher yields.
  • Proven Performance: Mortar insecticides have undergone extensive testing and trials, demonstrating consistent and reliable performance in diverse agricultural settings.


In conclusion, Mortar insecticides from Dhanuka Agritech provide farmers with a potent weapon to combat common pests in agriculture effectively. With their superior technology, unique mode of action, and multiple benefits, Mortar insecticides offer comprehensive protection for crops, ensuring healthy and bountiful harvests. Choose Mortar insecticides and safeguard your crops for a prosperous future.

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