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Convert EML to PDF with Attachments

“I recently found my old laptop in storage. It contains a lot of memories and important messages which are very dear to me. They are trapped in some “EML files,” I am unable to access them, they are not opening. They are a souvenir of my childhood. I tried opening them in the mail, but they are not opening. There are around 500+ EML files. I want a solution to open them or convert them into a more Secure Format. Please help me. Thanks in advance.”


Dear User, firstly let us assure you that you have contacted the most professional and apt team i.e. SysInfo Technologies for your problem.

We guarantee you that we can help you in retrieving your precious memories without any data loss. The data will be more secure once you migrate/convert EML to PDF with attachments.

Before moving forward let me highlight some key differences between EML and PDF.

EML also known as Electronic Mail, is used by Microsoft Outlook.PDF known as Portable Document Format is used
It is developed by Microsoft.It is developed by Adobe.
It cannot be accessed on Computer without specific Email Client Programs.It can be viewed easily on any computer.
EML files cannot be modified or edited.PDF can be edited and modified.

In this solution, we will be discussing 2 Easy Methods to Convert EML to PDF with Attachments. The first one is a time-consuming manual method. Professionals recommend the second method i.e. using SysInfo EML Converter Tool.

Converting EML to PDF with attachments using MS Word

1.     Locate the desired EML file you want to convert.

2.     Right-Click on the file.

3.     Open the file using MS Word.

4.     Now left-click on File located at the top left corner of MS Word.

5.     Left-Click on Save As.

6.     MS Word will now showcase the folders. Choose the desired folder by left-clicking on it.

7.     A window will pop up. Change the Save As Type to PDF.

8.     Finally, Left-click on Save and your EML File will be converted into PDF.

Limitations of the MS Word Method

1.     We have to convert EML files to PDF one by One.

2.     It is time-consuming.

3.     Bulk files like one of our client’s which are 500+ will require a lot of time and can be cumbersome.

Convert EML to PDF using SysInfo EML converter:

We will now discuss the method recommended by professionals. This method is quite easy to understand and will be apt for your problem.

1.     Install and Run the SysInfo EML Converter Tool.

2.   After opening the Software wizard you would be presented with 2 options Single file and Multiple Files/Folders, Please select your desired option.

3.     Then Click on Next.

4.     Click on Select Files or Select the folder, where your EML files are present.

5.     Left-Click on Open.  Click on Next in the software wizard.

6.     All your files and folders will be represented in a Tree structure format.

7.     Check all the required files and click on Next.

8.     In the Saves/Backup/Migrate field make sure that PDF is selected.

9.     Finally, Left-Click on Convert.

SysInfo EML Converter Tool may be the best for our client’s problem due to the following reasons:

·       It can Migrate large files (Like 500+ EML files) very easily.

·       It prevents any data Loss.

·       SysInfo EML Converter Tool can convert files into many other formats like GIF, PNG, DOC etc.

·       It can also migrate EML files into latest Email like Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail etc.

·      The Tool requires a minimum system requirement of 100MB of HDD, 4 GB RAM and Intel Core 2 Duo.


Finally, I would like to say that memories are a great way to honour and cherish our past. We all like to have our memories to be secure and safe. I have explained to you 2 Methods to Convert EML to PDF with Attachments, now our users have sufficient knowledge to take a wise step to save their memories. I hope this Solution has been useful to you.