What Products Are Environmentally Friendly for Car Washing

You shouldn’t have to give up on your desire to reduce your carbon footprint because you like to keep your car clean. The issue is that it seems like everything people use to wash their vehicles isn’t so great for the environment. The good thing is that the following products are quite eco-friendly, especially compared to the other products you have available.

Green Car Wash Shampoo

Companies that produce cleaning products are listening to people who worry about eco-friendly products. This is the reason you can buy car wash shampoo that contains more earth-friendly ingredients, like plant-based cleaning agents.

You’ll also find that these ingredients are biodegradable and not toxic. You’ll be happy that some of these shampoos come with no phosphate. Knowing all this means cleaning your car won’t break your heart, and it won’t contaminate waterways the way other shampoos might.

Water Pressure Products

Another product or set of products you should invest in is pressure car washing products. These include things like a foam cannon and a pressure washer. While these may not seem so green, they are.

With these sorts of products, you’ll wash your vehicle much faster than you would have otherwise. This is good because it means you’ll use less water, and that’s always good for the planet. You’ll be happy that you won’t be wasting as much water as you did before.

Waterless Car Washer

People waste a lot of water. The less water you use, the better for the planet. Using water pressure tools helps, but other tools could make a big difference, like the waterless car washer. What you get here is a spray-and-wipe car wash product.

You can buy these online or in your local auto care store. The great thing about these products is they don’t require much water. To finalize the wash, all you need is a microfiber towel and you’re done. The outcome isn’t perfect, but it’ll work between major washes.

Planet-Friendly Wax

Yet, this is another waterless product, but this one is meant to protect your vehicle after a good wash. Now, supposedly, this product can clean your vehicle a bit while it waxes it, but you can be the judge of that. What it can do is add a bit of shine to your vehicle and some UV protection.

This is all thanks to the magical ingredients inside. You want to look for ingredients like carnauba and natural-detailing clay. Both ingredients are natural, so they’re biodegradable. You won’t hurt the planet, and your vehicle is going to look as beautiful as it should without wasting additional water.

Green Interior Cleaner

Those with upholstery, rubber, vinyl, or plastic inside the vehicle are in luck because there is an interior cleaner that can help keep all of those surfaces clean. Most interior cleaners contain all sorts of ingredients that aren’t good for the planet.

A natural cleaner contains plant-based ingredients, so be sure that you only see those types of ingredients. A good cleaner should be able to lift things like dirt, grime, and some surface stains. Most of these cleaners contain great-smelling scents, like peppermint, which should deodorize the interior of your car.

Green Tire Cleaners

Wheels can get so dirty, and it makes sense. These are touching the ground all day and night. Dirt, grime, and who knows what else touches your wheels. Given enough time, they won’t look as good as when you purchased them. The good thing is that there are green cleaners nowadays that are completely biodegradable.

That’s a big win. When you wash your vehicle, a lot of the product you use ends up in the waterways. If they were full of poison or weren’t biodegradable, they’ll end up hurting sea life. Be sure to look for cleaners that were made using recyclable containers. You won’t always find these sorts of products, but they are there.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar is a wonderful cleaner as well as baking soda. A mix of both can clean grime, dirt, and much more. These ingredients could shine your lights, too, if you need that.

These are biodegradable and cheap, much cheaper than the other ingredients mentioned here. You can use a mix of baking soda and vinegar to clean upholstery and other surfaces in your vehicle, so go crazy.

Now, you know what to look for when you’re hoping to clean your vehicle in an eco-friendly fashion. Keep browsing through the cleaning products in your auto care store and you’ll find many other eco-friendly options.