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Facebook Likes: 5 Ways for Fast Fan Growth

Now that you have your Facebook page set up, you should make every effort to quickly find the first Facebook Likes, or to get to German like button clicks.

Why do you want to get as many Facebook likes as possible? Don’t make the mistake that lots of likes just look better. You can have 10,000 likes and still see zero results from Facebook. However, you can be very successful with 1,000 fans.

More important than the number of likes

  • The interaction: because if nobody clicks, comments and shares your posts, your posts will be shown less and less to your fans In other words, out of 10,000 fans, no one sees what you write.
  • Website traffic: The action happens on your website, i.e. selling, booking, etc. You want to get the people from Facebook to your website.


Building a fan base can be incredibly tedious and tedious if you rely on one post every few days to get new Facebook likes.

Instead, follow these 4 steps. Instead, follow these 4 steps and watch your fan base increase.


If you have a Facebook profile (you need one to use your Facebook page cleverly) makes sure your friends see a link to your Facebook page. Again for clarification: The page is for your company, here you can see likes. You have friends on your profile.

Link your Facebook page in your private profile under Work.

  • Under Info, click Edit information.
  •  Add your page and make sure the link appears. If your Facebook page is brand new, Facebook may not find it. Then try this step again in a few days.
  • Check the box which contains “I am currently working here”.


Your cover picture or video is the first thing people see when they come to your Facebook page. Your cover picture or video should convey in a nutshell what you do and what you offer.

  • You can also use the cover picture and video to draw attention to an offer or give-away. It may not be like clicking here, but clicking your download link is even more valuable. In this case you collect new e-mail contacts. For example, I have a short video that draws attention to my podcast: possible contents: contact, prices, calls for action (click here for download, click like, etc.)
  • Combine text and photo / video to get your message across.
  • Announce upcoming events, seminars or new products.
  • Don’t forget to include a link in the image or video description.


If you can get your fans to interact with your content, it will automatically become your ambassador. Because it can happen that when someone comments on a post, this is displayed to his friends.

Say you want to deliver added value and not just advertise flatly. And you want to stay yourself and come across as a real person.

  • Added value has many faces: a helpful tip, an answer to a customer question or entertainment in the form of a joke or entertaining video.
  • Show yourself as a person. Even if you post through your company page, be authentic, genuine and personal.
  • Share posts with pictures and videos, because (audio) visuals are shared more often, make your message easier to understand and catch the eye.
  • Tell people what to do: “Share the photo if …”, “Spread the word”, “Tell in the comment what you think about it.”…
  • Keep the texts of your posts short.
  • Share personal information from time to time and give insights behind the scenes. It shows people that there is a real person behind your company.


So that your fans don’t just consist of family members and friends for weeks, place a like-ad. It’s the fastest way to get new fans. Of course you could also  buy fans ,  but that is nonsense and does nothing for you.

With a well-made ad, you will quickly attract people who are interested in your offer.

  • Select “More Likes” as the target of the ad.
  • The ad text should be short and to the point what you offer.
  •  Upload a good photo of yourself, your product, or a quote you represent.
  • You can show a maximum of 20% text on the photo. With this grid you can check whether you are inside.

Target group: choose according to interests. On the one hand, these are topics and products that your customers are interested in. On the other hand, you can type in specific Facebook pages here, for example from competitors or the media.                              

Final Thought

These were the ways you can use to grow your fans on Facebook organically. The journey to grow fans organically may take a long time. If you want to grow your fan following in less time and without any hard work, you can Buy Facebook Likes UK to get more fans in a less time. You can avail both opportunities.

About the Author:

Huda Fatima is a young, enthusiastic creative writer at She has been writing for many national and international corporations. She enjoys writing poems on social issues.

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