Major Arrangements for the Students in The Flats: The Student Accommodation in Eugene

Eugene is a city situated in Oregon State in the USA. This city is popular for a number of things. It has some excellent markets, museums, parks, art galleries, and a lot more. It is located at the southern end of the Willamette Valley, near the confluence of the McKenzie and Willamette rivers, so some best places situated in the lap of nature can be found here.

Eugene is also home to the University of Oregon, and a number of local as well as international students study at this university. Therefore, some magnificent places for student housing are available in this city.

One of the amazing places for student accommodation Eugene is The Flats, where the students not only find comfortable and well-furnished rooms but also a number of amenities according to their choices and requirements.

There are two types of accommodations available at this place, which are apartments and studies. Both are becoming widely popular today among the students getting an education in the nations like USA, UK, and Australia.

Here are some of the details about The Flats.

Apartments and Studios

Here, you find four types of apartments, which are:

  • 2 Bedroom
  • 3 Bedroom(3X3)
  • 4 Bedroom
  • 3 Bedroom(3X2)

On the other hand, there is only one category of studios. All these accommodations have a number of amenities, which allow the students to have a comfortable stay.

Study Arrangements for Students: Study Table & Chair and Study Room

In this place for student dorm, the residents find all the study arrangements. First, there is a set of study table and chair available, which allows the students to read and write in a perfect and comfortable posture.

On the other hand, there is also a special study room available. This study room has been provided to the students so that they could study without any disturbance. This study room is very useful for the preparation for the exams.

Dining Arrangements for Students: Kitchen, Dining Table, and BBQ

There are excellent dining arrangements available for the students in the accommodations as well as outside the accommodation inside the property.

Inside the studios and apartments, there are kitchens in which you can find the cooking hobs and the microwave for preparing different types of delicious meals. On the other hand, there is also a fridge for cooling, freezing, and keeping the eatables fresh. You also find a dining table inside your accommodation.

In addition to the above-mentioned dining arrangements inside your accommodations, you find a special feature inside the property also. If you are a lover of grilled food, then you can use BBQ available here.  

Arrangements for Fitness: Gym and Swimming Pool

This property offers brilliant features for the fitness of the students. There is a gym inside the property. The gym is fully equipped with modern workout equipment. It allows the students to stay fit and to get a perfectly shaped body.

On the other hand, there is also a swimming pool available inside the property. Swimming is a source of great fun without any second thought. In addition, it has many benefits related to physical, mental, and emotional health.

Spaces for Keeping Vehicles: Car Parking and Bicycle Storage

Whether you keep your own car or you are a bicycle ride lover, you find a space here to keep your own vehicle. Here you find a car parking area as well as a bicycle storage space where you can keep your vehicles safely.

Wi-Fi Internet for Online Tasks

Students may need the internet for many online tasks. They may require to communicate with their loved ones or do online shopping. Besides, they may also require it for social media involvement or to have entertainment.

The above-mentioned ones are some of the common usages of the internet. Apart from them, there may be some special requirements for the students. For instance, the projects and assignments are completed today with the help of the internet. In addition, there is also a trend of online classes in the present scenario.

For accomplishing all these purposes, a paid Wi-Fi connection is available for the students in this property. So, the students do not need to call the outside internet service providers for connecting the internet to their laptops, smartphones, and tablets since they can do it through the in-house Wi-Fi connection.

Television for Entertainment and Information

There is also a television available inside each accommodation, which allows the students to get the entertainment through TV series, music, & sports and update their knowledge & information via the news & discovery channels.

Communal Events Are Organized

To provide some change in the lives of the students as well as for their socialization, the communal events are organized in the property from time to time.

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Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned facts show that the students get the basic as well as luxury arrangements inside the property in Eugene named “The Flats”. In addition, the students are fully safe here due to the availability of CCTV cameras, secure door entry, and lockers.