At-Home Gel Nail Kits are Possible Without UV Light?

Today’s trend pays heed to the widespread use of gel nails. Pretty good if you got an “at-home gel manicure kit.” However, UV light is an essential tool to cure your gel nails. But what if you don’t have access to UV light? Undoubtedly, it will be a bit challenging to cure gel nails without UV light. Keep reading to find the magical ways to cure it!

What are Gel Nails?

Before learning some practical ways to cure gel nails, let’s know about gel nails. Generally, gel nails may seem like regular nail polish; however, there is a vast difference. Gel nails’ single brush stroke is highly shiny and stays longer than ordinary nail polish. 

2021 In-Fashion Gel Nails

Make sure your gel nails starter kit should contain the ongoing trend. Let’s know about them

➤ Soft Gels

For those looking for artistic shades yet classy gel nails, then soft gels are an ideal option. Even the ones having weak nails can go for soft gels to add strength. Moreover, they last for 2-4 weeks.


Have you heard people talking about gel polish rather than gel nails? If so, then actually, they are talking about Shellac. It’s pretty durable and adds strength. 

➤Traditional Gel

The pioneers of gel nails are traditional gels. These are hard gels; however, they look long & natural, which allows them to be a part of today’s trend. 

How to Cure Gel Nails Without UV Light?

➤Sunbath Your Nails

UV light comes from the sun, so indeed, the sun is a natural source of UV light. If you adore sunbath or love to be kissed by the sun, then you’re good to go! However, it’s not easy for those who can’t stand for a long time under the sun. 

➤Use Cooking Spray

Do you know that your kitchen can save you from the tremendous stress of curing your gel nails? All you need to do is to use your cooking spray.

➤Take an Ice Bath

Another way to cure your gel nails is to soak them in cold water. Afterward, have an ice bath to help your gel nails freeze & dry. Find the best at-home gel nail kits and cure them with an ice bath technique. 

➤Try Cooking Oil

You might doubt it, though it’s understandable as rarely people do it. In reality, applying regular cooking oil on gel nails can work wonders. Make sure to leave for a few minutes once applied. Wash off the oil when the nails are dried.


Leaving Nails dehydrated – Hydrating means letting your gel nails last for a longer time. Apply nail oil and drink plenty of water.

Ignoring Extra Top Coat – Harsh weather can harm your gel nails, so apply an extra topcoat to get the cluster look of your nails.

Playing in Hot Waters – For initial hours, make sure to avoid playing in hot waters as it can damage your gel nails.

Wrap Up

Gel Nails add luxury to your overall look. These are some alternative ways which you can go for; however, UV light cannot be ignored if you’re someone who keeps on trying different gel nails frequently.

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